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10 superheroes who need a major video game exit

A few years ago, COG has drawn up a list of superheroes who deserve their own AAA game exit. While some entries in the previous list have been published, many have not been. In order to keep pace with a constantly evolving industry, here is a new list of heroes we want to see under the spotlights.

The recently published blockbuster published by Marvel has provided us all the reasons in the world to want a high quality Shang-chi video game. High-speed action developers like Platinum could create an exciting action-adventure title with a wide range of enemies and fight styles. With more movies to come, a new series of comics and its inevitable mandate as a vengeful, it is the perfect time to capitalize on the recent popularity of Shang-Chi.

Over the last decade, the emblematic Titan teen has become a more recognizable pillar of the DC list. Being a constantly evolving technological hell force, a game centered on Cyborg could perfectly integrate into the popular mechanism of RPG type skills trees. In addition, Victor Stone s self-acceptance course offers many opportunities for talented writers to explore complex emotional themes. As more attention has been brought to Cyborg as a character with the Justice League of Zack Snyder earlier this year, DC has more than enough momentum behind the character to offer fans what they want.

While the British with the bad mouth has recently been absent from the popular media, the twisted world of Constantine is mature for an intense magic fight and a variety of enemies. Fighting demons spitting flies, a habit to nicotine and the antechrist itself will ensure that any recipient video game could include memorable and stimulating enemies. On the other hand, a slow combustion game centered on the horror and focused on detectives, such as Tell-Tale or Quantic Dream, could also be captivating. Whether it s action or atmosphere, John Recognition s occult adventures offer many opportunities for players to train to kill demons.

Many people outside DC dedicated fans may not know who is exactly Plastic Man and why they should worry about it. However, those who know and like that chemically modified O Brian understand that its processing powers could provide endless play mechanisms that could engage a player in a variety of ways. Creative Creative Futures Resolution and Face Combat Capabilities Start very naturally into the plastic man directory, and the good DIGHT developer with common sense could surely make a fun title to present the hero less known to an audience more large.

With the imminent debuts of the MCU in Marvel s first family, Fantastic Four will inevitably receive a marketing thrust of their Disney Suzerains. A team action game focused on complementary combat mechanisms seems to be a natural choice. Unfortunately, Marvel has already published a recent game using this formula, which has best known a difficult first year. Aside from the problems, Marvel s Avengers gameplay proves that the basic framework of team action games can succeed, but requires appropriate management. Perhaps a solo game is out of order, but a four-character massive extension would be one of so many others welcomed by the troubled fans of Square Enix.


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