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Into The Pit Review - A Chaos of Pixels Sans Fin

Tirelessly. This is the only word to describe Into The Pit. And you know what? If it s the only goal of the game, Into the Pit is impeccable. Speed, music, low-fi graphics, all the experience is designed to come to you at a maximum speed and tension. He never lets go. It s implacable. For better or for worse, the review process means slowing down and assimilating everything, so let s talk about Into The Pit.

We are probably at a point where the nuances of Roguelike vs Roguelite have lost their meaning, but you see what I mean. You keep running, gradually adding to a construction, until you finish dying and getting back at the beginning, but with some resources you have recovered along the way, a little smarter and a little stronger. This is the kind of game Into The Pit. But where the genre is mainly composed of dungeon exploration and card fighters, Into the Pit is a first person shooting game. This is not a completely original combination, but there is certainly still room to play with the mechanics of an FPS meeting Roguelike. This is the space that Into The Pit lives.

Some shooters have coverage mechanisms, some have stealthy mechanisms. Into the Pit does not really do it either. This is a shot game closer to Doom, you are still moving, rid of hordes halls of overwhelming enemies. Doom s comparisons never really leave your mind because Into The Pit is also concerned with the demons and a heavy metal aesthetics. Where it diverges however is arsenal: there are no weapons... somehow. Instead, you will choose between spells, which you will allocate to your left hand (button) and your right hand (button).

I say somehow because while you pull different types of projectiles named for spells, they are only essentially different weapons. Of course, there is the fast-range fast shooting spell that inflicts good damage, but it s just the assault rifle. And there is the short-range attack spell, but it s just a shotgun. The slow, long-range and high damage spell is cool, but this is just a sniper rifle. Due to the retro style of the entire game, there is not really a robust physical engine that can really bear the complexity of a magic system. There are no spells that interact significantly with the environment, or something cool like, I do not know, a demonic bees swarm that you pull with your fingertips. Call spells to your weapons is a good idea, but there is not a lot of creativity here.

CAN'T-MISS INCREDIBLE ROGUELIKE FPS!! | Let's Try: Into the Pit | Gameplay That s when I cautiously assess the sense of Into The Pit style. Where are we on pixel charts? I certainly liked my share of games that use them, but there is something to say for more dynamic visuals. I m not talking about a complete production of Naughty Dog AAA, but games like Hollow Knight who have magnificent, but simple animations. Into The Pit intentionally resembles a simple game of the 1990s, but that does not really sell the creativity of the idea that I am a cool wizard fighting against hell. Instead, I feel like a guy with invisible weapons that fights in ugly pieces.

And again, intentionally ugly is not bad. It is supposed to be an infernal dimension; It s not supposed to be comfortable. But I find myself thinking about Doom again. In the last game, you cured by tearing demons with an infernal chainsaw. It was maximalist and absurd. If you asked me to describe what Into The Pit looked like, I would say minimalist. And it s completely the bad atmosphere.

All this makes me ask me: is Into the Pit a good idea that simply does not please me, or do I think she has problems? The writing of the game makes me think that it is the latter. There is a lot of business in Into The Pit, villagers hanging around in a dark city and talk to you. And talk and talk and talk. Much of their dialogue explains the game systems, what they sell and how they should be used. But each of them is dull and badly realized. They feel like fantasy characters dark and, again, perfectly match the infernal aesthetics, but they never do anything. Their presence seems superficial.

All that says... Into the Pit is always relentless. It s a fast shooting game, which feels really tight as a first-person shooter. It is intended to be played in fast bursts, then it may be the perfect exciting thing to make you pump during your bus trips. Or the kind of game where you browse the dialog, disable the sound and play while listening to a 25-hour audio book. Into The Pit is a well-built Roguelike shooter and if you are the kind of person who hears these words and shouts, I m sold! So you will probably have fun. But that s not going to believe skeptics like that.


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