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NEW WORLD: Cooking in 15 minutes on Maxlevel

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Xbox - October 2021 Games with Gold Cooking in New World within a very short time at maximum level 200 levels - that s easy, as a fan shows on RedDit. Depending on how much gold you are willing to invest, it takes just 15 minutes to perfect your culinary skills. We explain to you in the short guide, how exactly that works.

15 minutes time and 3,000 gold for maxlevel cooking

The Reddit user Lunitar describes very precisely in a post, what you need to do to cook in New World (Buy 39.99 € now) as soon as possible to maximallevel. Depending on the server, it costs you about 3,000 gold, if you buys all the resources you need and want to improve your cooking skills at the piece.

To fully expand your cuisine within 15 minutes, you proceed as follows:

Buys the following unprocessed food in the trading item: 3,552 units of the cheapest foods that you can find (rank no matter) for the price of 0.3 gold per piece 276 units of the cheapest animal 3 foods (for example berries) for price of 0.3 gold per piece 395 units of the cheapest animal 4 foods (for example broccoli or wheat) for 2 gold per piece 509 units of the cheapest animal 5 foods (such as coconut or rice) for the price of 1 gold per piece 509 units honey for 0.5 gold per piece Attention when buying food that prices may vary by trading items. So, travels between the individual settlements to shop where it is the cheapest. You can also check the prices of other cities in the menu of the respective trading post before you run there. Puts the purchased foods in your QuickSlots so that they do not weight in your inventory. Now establishes the following meals to level your cuisine to the maximum level 200: until reaching level 50: 144 units travel advantant until reaching level 100: 276 units small meal Until reaching level 150: 395 units of gastric meal until reaching level 200: 509 units luscious meal

Depending on which server you are on the go, the price for the individual ingredients can of course vary and you may have to expect higher costs than 3,000 gold. However, the duration for the levels should remain the same. If you want to save gold, of course you can also farm a part of the required ingredients yourself.

Source: Reddit (via pcgames)

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