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PS Store: 7 horror-free games for PS4 and PS5 on sale, which you should not miss

Tyrannosaurus, commonly known as Tyrannosaur, is an extinguished kind of Thoropod dinosaurs belonging to the Tyrannosauridae family and having lived during the upper part of the Maastrichtian, the last floor of the Cretaceous system, about 68 to 66 million years ago, in what is currently North America. Tyrannosaurus rex, whose etymology of the name means king of tyrant lizards, is one of the most famous species of dinosaurs and the only species of tyrannosaurus if the taxon Tarbosaurus Batar is not considered part of the same kind.. Tyrannosaurus was one of the last non-academic dinosaurs to have lived until the extinction occurred at the Cretaceous-Paleogenic limit there are 66 million years ago. Just like the other members of the Tyrannosauridae Clade, Tyrannosaurus was a biped carnivor with a balanced solid skull by a long powerful tail. Compared to its large posterior limbs, the arms of the tyrannosaurus were small and atrophied and bore only two graffus fingers. Although other theropods rivaled or exceeded tyrannosaurus in size, it is the largest known tyrannosauridae and one of the largest terrestrial carnivores that existed on the planet, with a length of more than 13.2 meters, 4 meters to Hip height and a weight up to 8 tons (for heaviest specimens). By far the largest carnivores of his time, T. Rex could be a superpreter at the top of the food chain, including large herbivores such as Hadrosauridae and Ceratopsidae, even though some experts suggest that was primarily scavenger. About fifty tyrannosaurus Rex s fossil specimens has been identified, of which less than half are almost complete. A laboratory has managed to demineralize remnants of soft tissue and protein from a sample of at least one of these specimens. This abundance of materials has made many progress in many aspects of history and biology of this species. If some points are consensual, others remain controversial, such as its eating habits, physiology or advanced speed. His relationship with Tarbosaurus genre is subject to debate: if the majority of specialists consider T. rex as the only kind of Tyrannosaurus genus (which would validate Taxon Tarbosaurus Batar, whom we found in Asia and whose Anatomy is almost identical), some researchers consider that Asian specimens identified as Tarbosaurus Bataar actually belong to the Tyrannosaurus genus (which would synonymize the two kinds and mean that the Asian species must be named Tyrannosaurus Batar. The synonymy of several other genres has already been established, such as manospondylus or dynamosaurus, whose specimens are all, nowadays, considered as actually belonging to the kindnosaurus genus.

There is a Halloween sale in the PS Store for the fearsome season. Here, however, you will also find numerous games that are not so scary and therefore suitable for everyone!

What is that for a sale? Halloween normally stands in the sign of scary monster or horror games. However, there are also some titles in which you do not want to fear. Here you will find some of the most exciting games of the Sales, which you can also gamble with low fear tolerance!

How long are the offers? The offers in PSN are still running until 3 November 2021. As long as you can benefit from the cheaper prices.


Genre : Action Adventure | Developer : Experiment 101 | Release date : 25 May 2021

What is this for a game? In Biomutant, you explore a final time world in the form of a mutant raccoon that prevails with weapons like machine guns and knives. In this wedding setting you will follow one of the numerous factions to either protect or destroy the tree of life.

You will be more likely to make decisions that influence the further course of history. But no matter what happens: fights are an important aspect of the game. Not only do you have to claim against the members of competing political groups, you have to take it with some really gigantic monsters.

For whom is the game worthwhile? At Biomutant, you are especially right if you are looking for an open world with an unused setting and enjoy very colorful graphics. Because gray and brown tones are awarded you in vain.

Here you can buy the game: When buying in the PSN you can currently save 35 percent. This reduces the price from 59.99 euros to 38.99 euros.

Buy Biomutant in PS Store

Borderlands 3

Genre : Shooter | Developer : Gearbox Software | Release date : September 13, 2019

What is that for a game? Instead of horror, Borderlands 3 sets 3 in his gameplay loop on levels and looses! In the ego shooter you can shoot with up to three friends through the landscapes of the planet Pandora and improves your character with ever better skills as well as equipment.

For variety, not only well-weapons weapons, but also the different skills of the individual classes ensure. You can shoot a huge fist out of the ground, or summon birds that fall on your opponents.

For whom is the game worthwhile? For fans of co-op games, there is hardly an exciting game than Borderlands 3. Together with your friends, you can spend countless hours with your equipment still to improve your equipment a little more, or to find the ideal skill!

Here you can buy the game: Depending on which version your buys, the discount of Borderlands is different 3. The Ultimate Edition with all contents is currently being reduced by 50 percent for 49.99 euros. But if you only want to play the main program, you are already with 19.59 euros!

Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition in PS Store

Wasteland 3

Genre : RPG | Developer : Inexile Entertainment | Release date : August 28 2020

What is this for a game? Wasteland 3 is a role-playing game that plays it according to the model of the old school from the isometric perspective. Here you explore the frozen colorado of a final world and turns to you to find the throne followers of the patriarch and thus secure its reign.

It goes without saying that you will learn the weapons more frequently for this mission. This happens in round-based battles. You can also change the game in synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer mode together with your friends. The non-linear story that adapts to your decisions also ensures a high playback value.

For whom is the game worthwhile? Fans classic role-playing games such as Baldur s Gate can find their next favorite game in Wasteland 3. It will be understood that fans of the previous Wasteland parts will have fun.

Here you can buy the game: Thanks to a discount of 55 percent will cost you Wasteland 3 in the course of the Halloween-Sales Gerademal 17,99 Euro!

Wasteland 3 buy in PS Store

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Genre : JRPG | Developer : Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio | Release date : November 10 2020

What is that for a game? Yakuza: Like A Dragon sends you in the role of Yakuza member Ichiban Kasuga to Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan, where you explore two completely freely walk-in areas and put you with the local mafia. It experiences an exciting story about intrigues, betrayal and Japanese politics.

The game represents a kind of restart for the series and therefore says goodbye to the action combat system of the previous parts. Instead, the confrontations run round-based and attracts them with a party consisting of four characters in the fight.

For whom is the game worthwhile? The Yakuza series could be a faithful fan base around Scharen and Yakuza 7 is the perfect start for all those who want to know why. If you are interested in role-playing and Open World titles, Yakuza is definitely worth a look! It is also worth it when you are looking for a game with a slightly less consumed setting.

Here you can buy the game: The Hero Edition of Yakuza: Like A Dragon is currently reduced by 40 percent. This only pays 41.99 euros, and next to the main program also receives additional content such as additional classes.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon Hero Edition in PS Store

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Genre : Metroidvania | Developer : ARTPLAY | Release date : June 18, 2019

What is this for a game? Can a game around vampires and dark locks in the 18th century of England can not be scary? Yes! The setting of Bloodstained should not scare you. Because behind it hides an exciting 2D metroidvania and no horror game. As Miriam you go here to the search to stop a curse that slowly crystallizes your entire body.

For this you fight through the castle and not only collects new equipment, but also gets numerous skills from defeated enemies. They do not only help you in the fighting, they also open up new paths in the confused castle that can explore completely freely.

For whom is the game worthwhile? Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is not just a must-have for all fans of the old Castlevania series as well as the metroidvania genre, but also those who have fun on racking and fleet fight Search in which you need a definitely tactic for every enemy.

Here you can buy the game: With a price of 19.99 euros you currently only pay half as much as Bloodstained would usually cost you.

Bloodstained: Buy Ritual of the Night in PS Store

Scarlet Nexus

Genre : JRPG | Developer : Bandai Namco | Release date : June 25, 2021

What is this for a game? In Scarlet Nexus, you will either be used as Yuito Sumeragi or Kasane Randall Member of the OSF - Other Supression Force in an alternative future world. Their task is to defend the city of New Himuka from mysterious monsters. They not only put on weapons such as swords, but also supernatural skills like psychokinese.

The fighting runs completely in real time and require the skilled combination of your melee attacks and skills. Especially the seamless transition between the two types of attacks impressed there, which makes you really like the mighty protagonist of a playable anime.

For whom pays off the game? Fans of Anime and Manga will probably already have the game on the screen. However, you will also find the right game for you, if you are interested in fleets and action-rich fighting.

Here you can buy the game: Under the current offers you will find Scarlet Nexus with a 40 percent discount. This currently costs only 41.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros.

Buy Scarlet Nexus in PS Store

XCOM 2 Collection

Genre : Round tactics | Developer : Firaxis Games | Release date : September 30, 2016

What is this for a game? In XCOM 2, the earth was overrun by extraterrestrial. You take the command of a rebel unit of people who wants to fight the invaders with a guerrilla war. However, they do not just beat round-based tactics battles, but you have to expand your own mobile base.

For the confrontations in which your own units are strategically positioning as well as their skills are only one half of XCOM 2. Between the missions, their new research commissioned and disseminates the aliens to unlock better technologies. However, there is always a time pressure in the background. Because you have to try to stop the mysterious avatar project that would mean the end of humanity.

For whom is the game worthwhile? Xcom 2 is likely to be the best game on the PS4 and PS5 for you, if you want to feel that a hopeless fight with special tactics against a superiority. In addition, the game is worthwhile for those who like to see how their own strategic sense contributes to gaining a confrontation.

Here you can buy the game: The XCOM 2 Collection contains next to the Addon War of the Chosen also four DLCs and is the cheapest way to buy the game with a price of 17.99 euros. Xcom 2 Collection in PS Store If you belong to the slightly hard-minded players, then you may also be the really scary games of the Halloween sales for you! A total of seven of these titles can be found in another list. Alternatively, you can get an overview of the entire offer. The offers listed here are provided with so-called affiliate links. With a purchase via one of these links you support myMMO: without the effect on the price we get a small commission from the provider.


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