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The Goonies: Never Say Die Review: A loving adaptation with space to grow

The Goonies You may have claimed life decades on the screen, but your legacy is alive and causing today. The film about the age of majority has found a new life once again, and Funko Games is taking advantage of its spirit and sword spirit. The company did precisely that with The GOONIES: Never say dying, and the board game is a delight for the star fanatics of the film.

The game combines classical adventures based on dice with a wild narration. Goonies: Never say die, bring nine adventures for players When Mikey, Mouth, Data and Chunk come to the city. With a player supervising the board like Goondocks Master, GOONIES COVE Life with thumbnails that include laziness. And when the credits of the film arrived, the game continued with some very interesting missions.

If you are a big fan of The Goonies Movie, this game is easy to buy. Prospero Hall, the developer of the game, became a lot of care in making this adventure. Thumbnails included with The GOONIES: Never say dying are detailed, and each of the goonies comes with well-balanced attributes that can completely change a meeting. Even the dice are inspired by the film given their tones of gems, so Funko Games did not skim out details for fans this time.

As for the missions of the game, the nine included are fluid and are kept faithful to the film. The GOONIES: Never say you die, it starts quite easily, since our heroes must face the Fratellis and, finally, face a single eye Willie himself. Of course, some of the missions are wilderly, since marine monsters and mortal traps arise from nothing. Each adventure has a good rhythm and none lasts more than an hour in our experience.

Of course, no board game is perfect and GOONIES: Never say dying is not different. In our experience, we find that some missions feel incompatible in terms of difficulty. We would like difficulty to increase more linearly, but that is not always possible once you spend the third adventure. This problem arose every time we had a small party, but The GOONIES: Never say dying allows rules of the house like any other game. If you can shoot with the blows, the game will be classified only at the end, and the target audience will not care.

The Goonies Never Say Die Overview and Review

After all, GOONIES: Never say die was done for an objective audience, which are the fanatics of the film. The board game is a love letter to the 80 s film, and the players will feel a great tribute. It is possible that the scope of the game is not the pleasure of everyone, but the players who enjoy the explosive traps and the pirate booty will easily fall into this game. So, if you are in your own group of Goonies, this game must join your essential list of games.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Have you reviewed the Goonies: Never say die ? Let us know how you like the game in the comments below!


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