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The Persistence Review - A Tenacity Exercise

Vessel (literally, ship) is a structure and attraction for visitors built as part of the Hudson Yards project redevelopment project in Manhattan, New York. Built according to the plans of the British designer Thomas Heatherwick, the elaborate bee-shaped structure rises on 16 floors and consists of 154 stairs, 2500 steps and 80 levels for visitors to ride. Vessel is the main feature of Hudson Yards s public square. Funded by Hudson Yards Developer Related Companies, its final cost is estimated at $ 200 million.

It s 2521. You are in the distant space. Your ship, a ship from the colony named persistence, is damaged and about to be sucked in a black hole. All escape hopes are based on your shoulders. Oh and there is another fly in the ointment - you re dead.

However, thanks to the 26th century technology, death is not the insurmountable barrier as we know it today. You and the crew and settlers of persistence are stored numerically and may, in fact, be resurrected by printing the digital recording of your mind in cloned bodies. Although this technology has been designed to handle trips in the deep space, the ability to reprint a person s consciousness in a cloned body also gives you a chance to complete a dangerous repair mission. The one who will see you die again and again as you try to navigate the now hostile environment of your ship. You will need - perseverance - to succeed.

Things have taken a dark turn on persistence - defective cloned versions of the crew members have been generated due to the damage suffered by the vessel with the gravity field of the black hole. These monsters are unleashed in the vessel damage systems necessary for their escape. Your resurrection is possible by the only survivor of the ship, Serena Karim - a ship engineer, who charges you from the rescue mission. It also acts as your guide and mentor, helping you achieve the objectives of the mission and providing information about the ship s provision and technology. Serena will also print a new instance of you after each death. And you will die, because your character starts weak with few defensive / offensive capabilities. In order to increase your skills, you will need to gather objects scattered in the vessel and stem cells of mutant monsters wandering on the ship. This is done with a Taser device that requires the player to be near the target. Obviously, it puts you in danger, especially at the beginning of the game. Early success is based on stealth.

You have a radar shape, which can only be used with parsimony at first, allowing you to ping and locate nearby enemies. As your skill level increases, your radar improves, making navigation much easier and reduces the risks of unexpected meetings. In addition to walking, teleportation is also available. There are two types: the first goes through stations scattered through the vessel levels and the second is personal that allows you to move on a short line of sight. The second type of teleportation is to move before obstacles / debris and, more importantly, as combat skills. You can maneuver to get out of a traffic jam when you are surrounded or placed behind an enemy for offensive purposes. If things really become eventful, as a last resort, you can teleport randomly with the disadvantage of not knowing where you will find yourself. We could hope to end up in a better place, but you could land somewhere that puts you in deeper trouble.

The manufacturing machines are disseminated through the vessel levels and allow you to move to four categories: health, stealth, dark matter and mixture. The categories are explicit, except for dark matter which is a type of energy. All upgrades powered by dark matter such as your personal shield and invisibility are upgraded on this tree. There are also improvements for weapons, one of which pays tribute to the Half-Life gravity gun, called the gravity hook. It is very satisfying viscerally to catch an enemy with this device and slam it from the ceiling bridge. Another fun improvement is IVY that controls a single enemy to protect you from other attackers. Place an enemy under Ivy s control is a hooter visually because it s like hitting him with a Cupid arrow - the heart of Valentine s Day is pouring from the enemy and fills the air. It always brings a smile because hearts are so incompatible with sterile but frightening vessel environments.

When you switch to a new Deck level, the difficulty increases accordingly. If you have properly progressed, your newly acquired skills should give you a chance to fight against the strongest enemies you face. It is a domain, with the similarity of ship environments, where the game is a little missing. There are only six types of enemies. It is understandable in the context of the story where the problems of the system creates only some mutations but more types of enemies would be appreciated. The enemies go from those who look like zombies and who are slowly moving to faster enemies who, although they attack faster, do not attack as strong as those who slow down and who can inflict mortal blows. The most disturbing enemy are the lights. They appear as sinister harvesters walking slowly towards you while pulling a heavy throw behind them. They are slow but implacable. According to the developers of the game, the inspiration for the lighter came from the horror film ça follow .

Graphically, the game is solid and certainly has more details than the PSVR version of the game. The visuals are somewhat restricted because of the similarity of the inside of the persistence throughout. The character models are correct but nothing hallucinating. Weapons and capabilities are well detailed and each has a form of attached graphics.

On the soundproad, the game does a great job, especially with the sound of the ship. To get full effect, the headphones are highly recommended. There is a lot of ambient noise, whether they are machines, air circulation or clatter and unexpected blows. They all work to keep you on the lookout. A great job is done with the vocal work not only from the remaining two survivors, but monsters themselves. The monster voice has a lot of range and is troubling. The only fault in their implementation is the way they sound spatially. Often, the monsters are much further, in an adjacent room, even if they seem to be just around the corner.

The persistence also has a clever companion app that you can download on your iOS or Android phones that gives you an extra ability to freeze enemies. The app also supports a mini-card of the room in which you are and allows you to find more credits for more capabilities. The application can be used to allow a game in cooperation with you and a friend. However, the phone must be on the same network as your console and is accessible only via WiFi. Finally, the application has a cool art section with 58 pages of game art.

Squid Game 3D ???????????? All Levels Gameplay Trailer Android,ios New Game In terms of replayability, the game supports several game modes: campaign, survival, countryside + (available after completing the campaign mode) and Permadeath that opens after the end of a campaign with less than ten dead. In addition, there are Challenge Records as well as Glass Cannon where you only have one life. There are also collectibles to find. The game also offers several purposes but their impact is blunt because the decision point for each of them is very close to the end of the game.

Here s where I m going to show my Snobism VR and say that although the graphical loyalty of this version of the game is greater than the PSVR version, the 2D version of the game can not capture the feeling of fright and isolation than the PSVR version To. Yet this version of the game has enough depth, strategy and replayability to make it a solid and useful addition to your game library. The characters are attractive and the persistence offers the appropriate atmosphere and incentives that make you want to succeed.

The VR owners take note, a free update is also available to play the flat screen of the game.

The Xbox One code was provided by the publisher


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