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The squid game: Is it really for so much, or people exaggerate? Our experts say!

It is the fashion series, of the year, or almost the century. At this point, there will be very few people who have not heard about the squid game . It is the greatest success in Netflix history, but above all, it is a world phenomenon that has already been integrated forever in popular culture.

But is it really for so much? Our experts Javier Cazallas and David Lorao analyze if really the series is as good as to justify all this HYPE, also analyzing other similar products.

The squid game mixes a tough satire to the capitalist society with a game style Battle Royale , as a violent Fall Guys, charismatic characters, a lot of mystery and also a lot of morbid in an explosive cocktail that has transcended the real world .

For example, cards of the squid game have appeared in Spain, as the police have warned, and in some countries they have even organized their own games (without deaths, of course). There have also been less sinister winks, such as playing the doll of the game Red Light, Green Light in a zebra pace

The series, however, has generated controversial because it is also becoming very popular among children, and even a school has banned the costumes of the Halloween series. And that the series has triggered the sales of merchandising and the green and red uniforms of the characters ...

Be that as it may, the squid game is unstoppable. And while we wait for the second season (which could change protagonist), we recommend some comics, sleeves or series that you should see if you liked the squid game.


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