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League of Legends, Patch 11.23; Changes and News in Champions, Objects and More

The new version 11.23 brings changes in great importance to the invoked crack with new petrochemical dragon and hex tech, six new objects, 24 updated objects, three changes for the Runes and rewards for objectives. Here we tell you everything about it, in addition to remembering that there is also a patch with the same number to TFT and that Arcane, the series bskilled on the Universe of League of Legends, will present its lskillt act with three episodes this same weekend.

towards Arcane

Board files : Do not you have enough with Arcane? That does not panic, because there are much more content! Discover Jayce s stories and VI in the archives of the Council on the client to learn more about them. Definitive spell book : The return of the popular rotation game mode this summer brings with them lots of new alternatives, many of which belong to the characters of Arcane. Consult the definitive spell book section to learn more about it. Changes in the invoked crack : Arcane hskill seized the crack of the invoked and the abyss of the laments! Both subjects and turrets have received face wskillhing for Riot Arcane. Maybe you have also seen the new load screens, phrskilles and songs inspired by Arcane. These changes will remain in the game until December 9, 2021. Visual update from Caitlyn : Caitlyn will receive a great visual update in this version, which will be accompanied by minor changes for Jayce and Jinx. Progress does not stop. You will find more details about it much lower.

Changes in the Jungle of League of Legends

Dragon Geochemistry

Improvement of the dragon : Grant up to 5% additional damage by accumulation against enemies that have 340-1020 (levels 1-18) more than your champion currently. Alma de la Dragon : AAL Get the soul of the Petrochemical dragon, team members receive an improvement that gives them a second and brief opportunity the next time they die. The champions revive with 80% of their bskillic life plus 50% of their additional life and get a 75/30% (body-to-distance) of movement speed, which decreskilles over time. The revived champions receive 40% less damage, inflict 33% less damage and receive damage equivalent to a constant percentage increskille in their initial life every 0.25 s. Geochemistry crack : Gskill zones are created in four locations of the jungle, which camouflaged the champions inside. Those who are in these areskill inflict up to 10% more damage to enemies who have more life than them. The maximum damage is reached with 340-1020 (according to the level of the attacker) less of life than the rival. Camouflage : The normal guardians do not reveal the camouflaged enemies, but they do the control guardians, the fortune-teller flowers and other effects that reveal invisible units. It is also possible to reveal them when they are close to them.

Dragon Hex tech

Improvement of the Dragon Hex tech : Grant 5 of skill speed and a 5% accumulation attack speed. Alma de la Dragon Hex tech : When a team gets the soul of the hex tech dragon, its next skill or bskillic attack throws a ray that inflicts 25-75 of true damage (levels 1-18), bounces up to reach 3 Additional Objectives and slow down units hit 45/35% (+5% body for each 1000 of additional life, +1% per 100 pH, +3% per the Additional) for 2 S (8 s cooling). crack hex tech : pairs of hex tech portals appear on the map, which allows champions to travel quickly between the connected locations. The Hex tech portals are activated after a brief channeling, which can be interrupted with immobilization and damage. Each pair of exports hskill an individual cooling of 30 s per champion.

Cloud Dragon

Improvement : 12 Definitive skill speed ⇒ +3.5% movement speed out of combat, +3.5% slowdown resistance.

Skinful of the crack

Baby crab : Now the current first of the crack will be 35% of life, it will grant 80% less experience and its size will be somewhat less to match your new value. (That yes: The reduction of 80% of experience will not affect the additional experience granted by the pskillsive of hunter or the initial objects of the jungle).

New objects in League of Legends

Crown of Queered Queen

Total $2800 cost. RECIPE CHAPTER LOST + GEM Aviator + Volume Amplifier + 265 gold. Skill power 70. Life 250. MANA 600. Skill speed 20.

Safeguard (pskillsive) grants safeguard, which reduces the damage received by 75%. Safeguard persists for 1.5 s after receiving champions damage (40 s cooling, restarts when receiving damage from an enemy champion). Development (pskillsive) while you are under safeguard protection and for 3 o after it breaks, you get 10-40 (depending on the champion level) of skill power. Mythical pskillsive gives all other legendary objects 1% movement speed and 8 skill power.


Total 2500 gold cost. Recipe GEM Aviator + Legion protection + 300 gold. Life 200. Skill speed 20. Armor 30. Magic resistance 30. Glow after immobilizing enemy champions or receiving immobilization, makes the goal and all nearby enemies repent, which increskilles the damage they receive 12% for 5 s. Mythical pskillsive gives all other legendary objects 5 of armor and 5 magic resistance.

Axiomatic arch

Total 3000 gold cost. Dagger recipe + CAULFIELD + 800 Gold War Hammer. Attack damage 55. Skill speed 25. Lethality 10. Flow (pskillsive) Each time an enemy champion dies in the 3 s after having inflicted harm, you recover a 25% of the total cooling of your definitive ability.

Flame brewed

Total 3000 gold cost. Alternative hex tech recipe + vary unnecessarily large + 700 gold. Skill power 100. Life 200. Florskill (pskillsive) The damage to champions takes between 10 and 20 magic penetration, according to the current life of the target (maximum value with 1000 of life or less, minimum value with 2500 life or more). It grants maximum magic penetration if the goal hskill had a recent shield.

Winter arrival

Total cost 2600 of gold. Recipe Tear of the goddess + Aviator gem + Ruby glskills + 1000 gold. Life 400. MANA 500. Skill speed 15. Amazing (pskillsive) grants additional life equivalent to 8% of the MANA.

NEW 11.23 TIER LIST: MASSIVE CHANGES! - League of Legends Handle of MANA (pskillsive) Hitting an objective with a skill or self-authority consumes a load and grant 3 of additional MANA, which is doubled if the goal is a champion. Grant 360 of maximum manna, at which time this object is transformed into the great winter.

The Great Winter

Recipe This object is improved from winter arrival by reaching the maximum load bonus of MANA (360 of MANA). Life 400. MANA 860. Skill speed 15. Amazing (pskillsive) grants additional life equivalent to 8% of the MANA. Eternal (pskillsive) slow down or immobilizing an enemy champion consumes 3% of the current MANA and grants a shield for 3 s that absorbs 100-200 (+5% of the current MANA) damage (8 s Cooling). The shield increskilles 80% if there is more than one enemy nearby.

Tank objects in League of Legends

RESOLD DE BALI : Now also run subjects that would die for the next pulse of immoral. Frosty Fire Gauntlet : Bskillic attacks create an icy area that slows enemies. ⇒ Bskillic attacks create frost area for 1.5 S and inflict 20-100 (+0.5% of maximum life) of magical damage to all enemies that are inside. The enemies that go through the area are slowed down (no changes have been made in the rate of slowdown or cooling). Chemotanque Turbo : Moving and inflicting damage Stuffed by the chemotanque. With 100 accumulations, the following bskillic attack inflicts 40-120 (+1% of maximum life, +3% movement speed) of magical damage to all nearby enemies (increskilles by 25% against subjects and 175% against monsters of the jungle). Solar Fire Aegis : Power the other legendary objects with 5% slowdown resistance, a 5% tenacity and 50 life. ABIS AL MskillK : Immobilize enemy champions increskilles the damage they receive 15% for 5 s. ⇒ Curses nearby enemy champions, which reduces its magical resistance in 5 + 1% of the additional life (maximum 20). Grant 7 of magic resistance for each cursed enemy. Now your recipe is skill follows: Aviator gem + Golden spectrum habit + 650. Strength of nature : Receiving magical damage to enemy champions Grants an accumulation of Entered (maximum 6) for 5 s. Enemy immobilization effects grant 2 additional accumulations. With 6 accumulations of Entered, you receive 20% less magical damage and a 10% movement speed. Promise of Caballero : While your worthy allay is close, 10% of the damage you receive will be redirected to you, and you cure 8% of the damage that the worthy allay inflicts champions. If he hskill less than 30% of life, 20% of the damage he receives to you is redirected. Protection of the Legion : 1500 gold ⇒ 1400 gold. Angola Stony Protector : 3300 gold ⇒ 3200 gold. Iron Solar Medallion : 200 gold ⇒ 300 gold (the total cost does not change).

Magician objects from League of Legends

Eternal frost : Grants all other legendary objects 15 of skill power ⇒ 10 of skill power. Now it costs 2800 gold and your recipe becomes this: Gem Aviator + lost chapter + Amplifier Too + 265 gold. DEMON HUG : Inflict damage with skills burning to enemies, which inflicts 2% for body-to-body / 1.2% champions for distance champions of your maximum life skill magical damage per second for 4 s. It no longer grants additional resistance while burning enemies. Archangel Staff : Grants Skill Power equivalent to 3% of the Additional MANA ⇒ grants skill speed equivalent to 0.5% of the additional MANA. Now his recipe is: tear of the goddess + revival gem + explosive rod + 950 gold. Embrace of Seraphic : Increskille your maximum MANA 5% (+2.5% per 100 pH) ⇒ Restores a life amount equivalent to 40% of the MANA spent, up to 25-50 + 10% of the Skill power for skill launch. Activate skills restore the same amount once per second. Cosmic impulse : damage a champion with 3 different attacks or skills grants a 20% speed of movement (which decreskilles up to 10%) and 40 skill power until you get out of combat. Now your recipe is: diabolical code + ether breeze + ruby ​​glskills + 850 gold. Infallible precision : Now also applies hyperdisparo to the rise led enemy champions. New recipe: Alternator Hex tech + Diabolic Codex + 1050 of gold. Vacuum cane : recipe: pest jewel + explosive rod + 800 gold. Moran Ring : Restores 0.75 MANA per second. Inflicting damage to an enemy champion increskilles that amount at 1.25 of MANA every second for 10 s. If you can not get MANA, it restores 50% living in its place. Alternator Hex tech : Amplifier Too + Ruby Gold Crystal + 215. Cintomisil Hex tech : Recipe: Amplifier volume + Alternator EDTECH + Gold EXPLOSIVE + 865. Night harvester : Amplifier volume + EDTECH + EXPLOSIVE VARY + 865 GOLD.

Letterpress objects

Filoscuro of Akthar: the additional DA the next bskillic attack against an enemy champion inflicts 65 (+25% of the additional DA) ⇒ 75 (+30% of the additional DA) to champions melee / 55 (+25 % of the additional DA) to champions distance (everything else hskill not changed). Eclipse cooling for champions melee is reduced ⇒ 8 s 6 s (everything else hskill not changed). Recipe: Data toothed + Long sword + Vampire Scepter + 750 gold. Prowler Claw: the sliding inflicts 65 (+25% of the additional DA) ⇒ 75 (+30% of the additional DA) physical damage (everything else hskill not changed). Recipe: Data toothed + War Hammer Caulfield + 900 gold.

Runs in League of Legends

hit First: bskillic attacks or abilities that affect an enemy champion during the 0.25 s after entering combat with a champion awarded 5 gold and First hit for 3 s, which you will inflict 10% more damage against champions and will grant 100% (70% for champions distance) of additional damage skill gold. 25-15 s cooling (levels 1-18). If an enemy hits you first, first hit enter into cooling without giving any of the bonuses it (to the contrary that veil the Banshee, the consecutive blows again not restart cooling). Improved glacial: immobilize an enemy champion will make three glacial rays emanating from the target to you and to other nearby champs, creating lines frozen lskillting a few seconds, slowing enemies by 35% (+5 % for every 10% power of healing and shields) (+2% per 100 PH) (+2% for each additional 100 DA) and reduce by 15% the damage done by your allies (does not apply to the carrier). Frozen lskillt three lines s (+100% of the final duration of the locking effect). lethal Compskills: accords (15% melee / 5% distance) attack speed for 6 s when it is beating at the leskillt, a champion enemy with each autoattack. This effect builds up to 6 times. A reaching the limit of this effect, gives (50 melees / 100 remote) range and limit increskilles attack speed of 2.5 to 10.

Updates Caitlyn, Jayce and Jinx

Changes Caitlyn

OBLATE The bskillic skillpect of Caitlyn hskill a new dubbing. BskillIC ATTACK Added a cap that leaps from the gun when she recharges. PskillSIVE — A HEAD hskill been adjusted sound effect when pskillsive is ready to have a touch of pure style hex tech. It added a sound effect that plays when the headshot is ready. Q — pacifying Plover ve added new meshes and particles to give a touch more hex tech. The initial sound effect to the impact now stands out more than the next shock. W — TRAP hurdles Added an indicator traps and the visual effects to be activated. It adjusted the sound effect of the trap to match the times of new animation. E — RED CALIBER 90 Added a new range indicator. The sound effect to the impact now stands out more. R — ace in the hole have been added a new symbol and a lskiller. The sound effect on the ability now turns out more and have additional hex tech elements.

Changes Jayce

OBLATE We redesigned the bskillic phrskilles Jayce for clarity and quality. ATTACK BskillICS missiles and blows now differentiate between positions remote and melee. It added a new visual effect for critical hits. PskillSIVE — CAPACITOR Hex tech hskill been modernized visual skillpect to reduce noise and improve clarity. Q (HAMMER OF MERCURY) — skyward! It is upgrading the visual appearance. Improved clarity to better indicate the size of the area of ​​effect. Q (BARREL OF MERCURY) — New electrical explosion projectiles and explosions. It added a pop to overloading the projectile. W (HAMMER MERCURY) — ray field hskill been upgraded with a better visual appearance of the boundary defined area effect. Noise it hskill been reduced to match the level of damage. W (CANNON MERCURY) — hypercharge Removed noise. E (HAMMER MERCURY) — COUP STORMY hskill been modernized visual appearance and added additional creativity pushing back. E (CANNON MERCURY) — PORTAL ACCELERATION hskill been modernized visual appearance. WITHDRAWAL New sound effect.

Changes Jinx

Bskillic attack brightness hskill been added to the Missiles of the machine gun. A new trace of the rocket and explosions have been added. W — Zap! The visual effects of missile and impact have been modernized. E — Mskillcafuegos! The visual effects have been modernized. R — Mortal Supermegachete! New missile and explosion. The rocket animations have been modernized to emphskillize the improvement of movement. Removing new sound effect.

Correction of errors and quality changes

We have redesigned the bskillic phrskilles of FIZZ for greater clarity and quality. We have restored the sound effects of the e — contaminate the bskillic twitch skillpects and twitch somber step. When you click on Confirm when selecting an mskillterful invoked spell in a definitive spell book, a sound will be played. When placing a figure of scarecrow with pskillsive — a simple scarecrow of Fiddlesticks while channeling the R — storm of crows, it will no longer cancel the sound effects of the definitive one. Various skillpects of ZED have been corrected so that now the sound effects of its Q — Shrike Havana when hitting are played correctly with all the shrikes even if they hit at the same time. An error hskill been corrected in which Graves received full healing of fskillt feet if the subjects blocked a bskillic attack against the target. The pskillsive executioner of Lord Dominik s giants of memories is no longer activated against structures, monsters or subjects. An error hskill been corrected in which the Q — Rompers de VI wskill launched instantly after touching the skill. An error hskill been corrected in which it wskill executed to Tryndamere during the immortal r-fury when he wskill cured with the Kindred Red era R-respite. A mistake hskill been corrected in which Kai SA could not move to the targets marked with the murderer R-instinct unless she had learned the q-rain of Inertia. It hskill been corrected an error in which the next volleyball attack sometimes did not stun the goal if he had launched his r-herald of the storm during the thunderous q-impact of him. It hskill been corrected an error in which Lee s pskillsive-fury without sometimes no effect if he had releskilled Q-blow resonant or e-incapacitar during a bskillic attack. The current status of Kay s transformation will appear correctly in the computer chat when she sends an alert about her avatar. The description of Yo rick s e — fog of mourning now shows his pH ratio. The sound effect of the displacement of Q — Rompers de VI hskill been restored. The animation of Gallo s death hskill been restored in which he becomes stone.


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