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New World responds hard to gold

New World currently has great problems with that there were numerous possibilities to generate endless gold from that. Due to this gold dupes, Amazon switched all systems where money is transferred - and thus creates a new exploit.

What happened in New World? Only at night Amazon had to shut down all the possibilities for the Taler transfer because the problems with the gold dupes escalated. Stupidly turned on this way a new error into the MMORPG.

With the emergency brake, the shutdown of all systems that could have been used to the gold dupen, a new possibility comes into play to generate endless money:

It is still unclear whether and when Amazon will accept this new error. In addition, the new exploit concerns only a relatively low part of the gameschaft. Nevertheless, it is problematic that the counter-measures against Gold Dupes have created a new Gold Exploite.

This is disabled by the guild funds, new exploit arises

What is that exploit? Are you the consul or head of a company that has one or more cities, you can use the mistake. If you select a city project, it fails because Guild Cases are currently disabled.

The money is not deducted from your guild account. Nevertheless, the server recognizes a failure of the action and then reimburses gold. Gold, which you never spent, or never have been debited.

So you then have the cost of the city project as a plus in your guild bank. This is what you are currently brings to you, because you can not access your guild bench, but shows that Amazon has to improve here.

How to respond to Amazon? New World has already reportedly started to banish the first people who massively exploit the gold exploits. Amazon announced that it is done against everyone who has geduped gold.

It is not clear yet whether every player is banned for it. Amazon is not concretely, as far as the measures were concerned, which could be collected against the players.

Meanwhile, the developers probably try to get the remaining gold problems of the MMORPG in the handle, because until more, all possibilities for action are switched off.

New World Disabled Trading BUT PEOPLE ARE STILL DUPING GOLD - New World News Even the trading post and direct player trading can not currently use.

Community is disappointed, but not surprised

How does the community react? The Reddit Thread on which exploit is explained, cook really hot. He currently has over 3,900 upvotes and 723 comments in just 11 hours. The creator of the thread itself writes: I have no words and explains the situation (via reddit).

The subsequent comments will cause detectionlessness. The players are frustrated and form their frustration to Galgenhumor, making the comments sometimes more funny in view of the situation.

However, the situation certainly does not find anyone, because the entire economy of the game is currently on ice.

More about New World on Meinmom

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What do the players say? The comments in the thread range from frustration about humor:

The user Stev writes: Just deletes the gold in the game and we use Nuts as official currency from now on. User SPUD788 has the nose full: It s so far that I get out of all economic things. I walk through the wilderness and do so as if everything was fine. I visited the last city three days ago. Hipdashopotamus does not want anymore and writes: That s how it was. We make New World a survival game without money, no matter what Amazon wants.

The User Canadianyeti94 writes: Honestly? I am not suprised. The whole game explodes in slow motion and it looks wonderful.

What do you think about the current discussion about New World? Do you think that Amazon still gets the economy of the MMORPG or see her black? Do you still play active, or are you waiting for the problems to be fixed? Write us in the comments here at Meinmmo.


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