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Rafael van der Vaart shoots against Lionel Messi: Are not you ashamed?

Rafael van der Va art, the longtime Bundesliga star and Vice-world champion of 2010, has once again made bang-hard reviews of international top players in his function as a TV expert. This time Superstar Lionel Messi and Man united Captain Harry Maguire targeted Ex-HSV Stars.

Especially the six-time world footballer Messi got his fat on Wednesday evening in the Dutch TV. For Van her Va art, the mostly poor performance of the 34-year-old since its change from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain are incomprehensible.

It makes me sad. It's a matter of will. Either one or not. If he does not score or no template yielding, then he did a bad game. [...] Somehow that fits with Messi and Paris Not at all, so the former midfielder at the TV channel Ziggy Vice-world champion in his analysis of the match of Manchester City against PSG.

Aren't you ashamed – Rafael van der Vaart attacks on Lionel Messi

Despite several sensitive failures such as Kevin de Bruyne or Jack Realism, the Citizens of Manager Pep Guardiola had earned 2-1 against Paris, which had started with his Star Trio Messi, Neymar and Dylan Mbappé.

Van her Va art was even clearer in its evaluation of services Messi: He occasionally goes for a walk, and I think: 'Do not you shame?' I start to annoy me about Messi. And that's a pity, because such a player will never be born again. [...] It was actually a refusal of refusal, and that's not right for a player like Messi, said the 38 -Year-old.

Messi has been completing ten games for Paris Saint-Germain since his Barcelona farewell, in which he scored four goals.

HDV with a destructive judgment about Man united Captain

Even sharper fell the verdict of the former captain of the Hamburg SV meanwhile over the central defender Harry Maguire of England's record master Manchester United. The Red Devils lie in the Champions League after the recent 2: 0 away win in the FC Villarreal although as an early group winner in the Supplier, the English Premier League last but with desolate services have disappointed.

Above all, Harry Maguire, who had flown from the square at Desirous 1: 4 with the relegation candidate FC Watford. He's just shit! So Van her Va art about the English international in Dutch television.

I do not understand how United 90 million euros could pay for him. Where did you search for him? You will find players like him with every amateur club in Holland.

Van her Va art himself has played in his professional career next to many HSV years in Germany also in the Netherlands, England, Spain and last Denmark football.


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