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Satasella Sonica, or: Battlefield 2042 is here!

Original text too short.

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Pre-game Gold or Ultimate versions purchased were able to open fire as early as 12.11. The actual release takes place a little later, 19.11.

6 . — 10.10. Held an open beta trial was confusing, but left on general terms quite optimistic vibes. Maybe the actual release will then be better when this is so persiillään!

Closed and open trial, pre-release and the official release. Muailimaantulemintumisessa multiplayer games is many steps. Free evaluation version of this publication and felt different game, but sukulaisvikaa can be found.

Saatteeksi Text is freedom of thought and the stream of consciousness of the treated stages of the game from the official release, the PC game of Nikkei. This is not a review. I do not want to criticize the game before this year is the date grind. The game is also not technically in the state now, that criticism would be no sense in making their own time use in mind (I do not get this salary, I bought the game in their own Capella). Keep your eyes open really the story, therefore, todellisia pro for tips!

New even by force, or: Power to the Player!

The trial period, the game was in many aspects of their coasts unfinished product. Functionality was missing tumbled, and the whole seemed almost as if the players were allowed some version of the couple romping about under duress.

The game beetles yes, in its outline, but the battleground felt significantly different from in the past — also at the same time fascinating.

In previous parts of the series when compared to the prior publication does not strictly pass forward, but rather obliquely forward. It is somewhat old, but also a lot of new things.

The forest is not rysäytetty, but Battlefield V to this pair of jumping first moments guaranteed to go, amazed. The recent open beta gameplay requiring getting used to the franchise s friends. The same was in front again with a pre-release version.

Battlefield 2042 brings with expected changes large and small. For example, the gun can now be downloaded without stopping to aim. It will delight in the same manner as in the above animation. Popular situation remains environments and utilization of small gestures. We Like!

The open beta has come forward. The world is more leisurely to move and the animations of playing characters and the environmental interaction step-by-step (read: slower and more realistic). In an open vierastuttanut beetles arcade-like livakkuus is gone — and this is a good thing.

In my own game changes a bunch of friends has been received with joy. Disappointment has not come against little — as unsophisticated truth, however, is that the game is simply not ready yet.

The question, which is beside Latina here we are, as follows: whether the game is suitable for publication ?

Change before you have to — Jack Welch

More ten hours prior publication grind to establish its old-fashioned bäfäläisen folk wisdom: two steps forward, one back.

The development is development and new perspectives are opened by force if necessary, so that things will go forward as a whole: Get your parents to Battlefield, are in fact quite Marsala play. And just every time changes are list, as now (check out even though intternetsistä!).

Fossil Fuel critical time as we live through is often overlooked, that it really ihmisparkaa the loading substance is nostalgia. Resistance to change in nature of person to stick with the familiar tooth and nail. All new requires energy and creates situations for the failure, that is, instead of the loss of the receivable. Nature even says: lions hunt only under duress, because the prey hunting consumes energy.

What if it s a new game is pretty sucks !?

Escaped antelope is not only a lost meal, but also represents a wasted hunting (used in) important to the body of energy. Unlike the extinction of animal species are dying human survival is one of the main factors was the ability to adapt.

Pisnesmualiman Jack Welch diagnosed before the required change means that if you are forced to change, it is generally too late. The train is already gone. Your game is not innovative, nor really not your area of ​​interest on the crest of its own, Lulu!

Sure, pelvises to live a little with different levels of truths. Namely, go like this:

Express your son! — U T H G L R S U Corporate Edition ™

Large publishers such as EA prioritize their own business in the eyes of the profit margin. Working concept is milked for as long as possible. New developed only under duress, so as not to cause any but those red markings, that is, expenditures and costs.

Of course, I could not know how they really operate prioritize and guide.

Battlefield 2042 However, the case is easy to see this kind of large corporations karrikoinnit true. Rumors that this game started life as some kind of Overwatching and Fortnite copy is easy to swallow because of the special skills of specialists. Fields, large sizes supported by the popular Battle Royale subconsciously games, with a large range decreases over time and drive players to take together.

EA and DICE, however, were hopelessly late for that market. This jossitellessa is easy to see through the eyes of the soul the moment it powwows room when the thing is grasped and someone has suggested turning the focus back to the more traditional Battlefield in direction: What if thetas what is best know how?

Okay, maybe the extinction of animals there are other reasons than those nimble antelopes.

The war is heavenly

War is achieved with three different game farms: All Out War, Hazard Zone and Portal.

BAFA most traditional of these represents the AOW, in which the rotation is seven different theaters of war. Pelimuotoina are like Conquest of the king of the hill and in zones in a progressive manner Breakthrough invasion. Both game modes operate in the same Theaters of battle areas.

Hazard Zone is designed to retrieve valuable cargo area and carry it out successfully. The matter is complicated by the fact that the other four-person teams have exactly the same intentions. This is reminiscent of first-person shooters familiar classic Team Deathwatch game mode, which relies specifically on teamwork.

Portal-game format is clearly the most positive publication received sub-region. It combines a handful of previous games, maps, and game modes, for example, törmäyttäen Battlefield 1942 2042 and Battlefield titles worlds. The player can choose to arm ourselves with modern sotahärveleillä and systems landscapes or mutually 40th century to bring it to Tommy Gun s futuristic in the sand buried in the city of Qatar.

Freedom of the construction of the fighting is large and varied. Can choose to only 128 fighters armed by knives and sets the movement speed of a zombie-world inspiring slowness.

Peter Parker Principle know that With great power comes great responsibility. Freedom to build that ensues has also brought side effects, such as the running game Portal lists fulfillment bottimatseilla. A handful of players against AI bots generated CPU 100+ killed. The goal is to acquire as much experience points and unlock new weapons and other warfare tools to use with minimal effort and quickly.

Such abuses is aimed at rooting. There are limitations, and experience point, this method can only be used a certain extent — can not know whether in that time-based criterion or which regulates that.

I understand the limitations, but I do not directly see the great danger for the other players, even if someone opens the all war supplies at breakneck speed. The situation is quite different when playing against real players, and it has to be the same kind of learning curve pair.

The only thing that makes this comment on the mind is the fact that by using shortcuts only ruin your gaming experience.

Frame rate is the king

Let s go began later, crashed bones and other things to be improved. They are namely. The reason for this must first be noted that according to their own empirical research (about eight people) Battlefield 2042 has worked well. There are problems, however, as a rule, it works. Even as far as you go, that one swears by the game to be the most viable Bäfäjulkaisu him.

This is easy to sign up. I personally have been mostly from the hustle positiivissävytteistä. Alkukankeilu Alien publications is kind of expected standard. This time the anti-gambling Completely Angelia is a bit.

The next litmus test is the actual release 19, when (presumably) millions of normal version of the game are buying forced their way to war. Servers squatting a hundred for sure, when even now is already in trouble.

Day 1 patchiest, i.e. the first day of the update is huhuiltu, but nothing formal has not yet been part of the issue.

I follow this with great interest, because the technical Nikkei own experience has been overshadowed by a kind of stickiness of the game in the rotation. Frame rate is a condition in itself, but the feel of the game is nervous, apprehensive and Solomon. Excellent adjectives to describe the technical problem!

The question is in a way that feels as if the game does not rotate properly. Such hievahdus jöhmimisestä. One thinks of the teenage years of the situations where the latest game has its own pivoting the toaster like a walrus on dry land. Of spinning s what I call this not the case. However, I do not know what the problem would go through to find out more. The settings are twisted to the extreme ends, and experimented with different drivers for your graphics card.

My configuration is NVIDIA 3090, i7-8700k, 32RAM, SSD. Hardware Unboxed has made video game, which takes place through the rotation of the various Assemblies.

First hand I can sign a 4K Ultra s results. It is exciting that the game does not rotate merkittävästi better even if all Detailing would be a minimum.

Does it then that the discovery of the problem really is? Or perhaps the fact that the game is coded so well that the experience of war, and is all the same, regardless of what kind of computer do you play?

Of course, these are run Detailing minimum, thyme!

Frame rate is the king.

Jumalteknologiana known DSS found in this game. Battlefield V : in this version of the model 1. The most recent part of the DSS use DSS 2 version.

Unfortunately, implementation, one mediocre than in the previous section. DSS s use does not bring significantly more screens. There are a variety of settings, which should prioritize the image quality or performance. DSS comprehensively in this context is a big disappointment, but I follow its development.

It is clear that some game engines simply do not benefit from DSS to as much as others — or its level of technology integration varies. Domestic Control DSS benefited from 2 to enormously, where Rock star Red Dead Redemption 2 for this was rugged. It brought a strange graphical glitch in the game and hardly increased smoothness.

NVIDIA Ray Tracing technology (i.e., ray tracing) is unfortunately still more card from the availability of generation. Sure it s pretty, but the frame rate sags at least 20%. There is no way this Martin game, where the scenery does not have time to stop to admire the worse. High frame rate is the number one priority anyway.

Interactive graphics by NVIDIA technology on the home page.

Stella What do you get? Or, is it not stupid to ask

More handfuls of indie games, eight pieces of Finking super tickets, Tokyo carpets faindaininkia for two, good shoes, a couple of months of a season ticket for public, HBO Max s current bid for almost two years.

Or you Battlefield 2042 s.

Game succulent release version contains everything and pay for on top of 100 euros.

Not in it. Each style and let a thousand flowers bloom. None of the hobby is not free, and it goes quite a lot of unnecessary money too. Unfortunately, however, now must underline that the product is simply not ready to be published.

So, uh julkaisuversiotahan So I have not played. Perhaps it is a completely different wood carved and perfect in every way — I eat very much like all the ugly crying tears of joy in my words!

Denial, the game Julian the people to understand the internet very well. Media are also not treated tenderly BAFA.

In the game there are clear shortcomings in the functionality and features. Bugs and servers kyykkäämisestä not to mention. The gang is simply not able to play the game it crashes, and the console does not appear to have voice chat option between your team (misfit DICE?).

This Frisian anyone.

But So... ones it good? Top 5 things good

Personally, I focused game purchases Valve s Steam platform on PC and this will cost €89.99. Would I buy it again if I knew what kind of the ropes is it?


Problems mentioned in the previous Latina has been corrected with a big hand. To miss the obvious things in an open intervened beetles as a rule, can be found in this version: such as opening the map to enlarge the screen to outline a comprehensive situation.

The game crashes at random and between servers simply can not get. Matches, there are bugs, such as The Phantom of the players, the movement of the inaccurate joint ™ that may cause you to suddenly crawls up for salting, specialists Stormtrooper syndrome, CPR flat inactivity, the melee is what happens in the back and reaching with a knife does not automatically mean a successful execution. After all, this of all kinds.

Oh, and those damn rubberbändäykset.

Servers are hard. Rubberbändäys the name suggests, refers to kuminauhailuun, where progress is virtually impossible. My item hits that s as enjoyable as there above: run forward, so your feet get, but the journey is highlighted and slowly spun back, however, to the front of you.

1 . Arms with screening

Already Changing Killian enchanted open beetles weapon-hoc basis will continue to be strong number one. In addition, the freer use of equipment to feel good. You can choose the lääkintämiehelläkin it stark Amman may want a rifle. In the past, firearms were limited in terms of what the characters can use what.

Rear-examining this issue to understand the logic yes, but not this freedom yes gladly want to give up. Play how you want without artificial restrictions.

2 . Quality of Life

Innovations mentioned at the beginning of the story, such as lateral prevention and charging the weapon without losing the object.

3 . Not Single Play

Battlefield is battlefield. It feels amusing to read out of ulna about how this is a miserable game just because it does not find a single game campaign. Why should you be? The vast majority of operators consume their time in the game specifically in the multi-game area. Single-game campaigns have felt mainly from the lawyers and even though it may be fine to watch, so that the core is there in playing together.

4 . Travel Games

Travel games are overwhelming! Are exactly as overwhelming as they give to be. The bullish than the bull is in the field by team game (and between them alone).

The guidance of flying machines has been relieved in a fair way in the previous section. Training does not necessarily mean this time that queues for a minute shop to grab the helicopter and fly for 15 seconds before you are shooting down.

The rotation of the devices is quick and in principle. Each player will be guaranteed to try out these times during the mats. In fact, I took a game pad as a friend, as the controller sits much more comfortable than the joystick. Controllability is more like halo gambling, where weight is in place of extreme pluralism in the use of transport vehicles forward.

5 . Deleting text chat

The game had previously been a general aesthetic showing counterparty messages as well. This has been removed. It s one of the most meaningful things that you have been done. Not just because the inappropriate nature has been left out. Now the world of thought is clearly directed to your team.

Did you lose the match? Maybe should have been able to coordinate more. Watching statistics will quickly tell you where there is a forest.

The scoreboard now also has a recovery statistic that is famous for me! By raising teammates from there, you have greater probabilities to win. This can never emphasize too much when the vast majority of the players do not alive their feet in their turtles.

Bet afield 2042: Top 5 Correcting things

You do not get any lot of work. There are both bugs and purely unsupported things. The latter refers to purely Quality of Life s solutions that improve and, above all, streamline the gaming experience.

In the game sector if where the service experience is one of the most important indicators of development.

Can battlefield 2042 make no Man s Sky’t?

Why not. The potential is and must be hammering during the next few weeks if you want to change the perception of the gaming line. Players like to hate, and it is ruthless to follow how something is passionate about it. However, players are also able to forgive and forget.

No Man s Skin The story is the time of an incredible rise of a ridiculous rejection to success. Money does not miss the EA to change battlefield 2042 in a similar success. The question is whether there is a desire for it or have other projects already in the binoculars.

Below a bit of a list of things that should be put on the falls of the skiing:

1 . Problems with birth

When gaming regions are large close to venues or their own group, the emergence is essential. Currently, the emergence can be managed either from the side of the screen by clicking a group name, them on the map or a variety of key points whose conquering is being taught.

Nowadays, this does not work. An additional third means is required: the player must also click on these key points on the edge of the screen as clear icons.

The key points A, B, C, D and E menus on the top of the ▲ screen must be obtained as interactive.

In a critical situation, key points are impossible to gang. So much that no icons (players or key points themselves) are separated and can not make them sensibly to press. Veteran Games know that the shock of a tea-like emergency can be more bad than a good thing. Breeds, you do not understand what s happening, and you will die. The team loses a father and you will fly back to the map view.

In such a puff, there is a more constructive approaching key point slightly away. Currently, you can have stuff on the map around the key point so much that you simply do not reach a controlled manner. In addition to their own groupings, there may be several means of transport that may arise. The key point icon in practice covers completely.

Dark i.e. Ticket means a player s life that works in practice as resources in the battlefield. Both parties have a number of resources in X-amounts and their reduction will be managed by conquering key areas. The more areas you manage, the more slowly their own ladies will wear.

2 . Groups of groups and together with gaming effort

Joining friends games is currently bad. The traditional queuing acts as a fifteen and even rolling the player is most often back in the startup screen. Currently, the group must be formed before the game so that it is possible to get into the same struggle without problems. In practice, this means that other players must leave on the ongoing mats or others to wait for its ending.

Previously, one s own group has been able to manage by kicking a random player from it to make your own outfit to the same group — off the player, however, remains a match and does not leave the game for anything. This is just somewhere in another group now.

3 . Weapons balance

The kernel of the home are weapons and if their balance is bad, then the job does not work. There is only one weapon that does not sit on the falling of the whole spreading into the hands, as it can be found to be free from 90 percent of the players. Now that you have moved to Specialists and weapons are no longer tied to the character class, with their balancing a more significant role.

Game factors should have more than one journalist at work that is responsible for staring at data and statistics regarding what weapons and equipment are used. If a clear spike appears in the statistical record, there is a need to look at this issue more closely. For the battlefield V, thorns were in the end of the guns Type A2 and KE7.

Typeakaks to grind, no matter for a minute

Mantra, which in general, in a religious-born-wide way, was found to a team when the duplex situation becomes a ton of tonight. What does the future bring to the BATTLEFIELD 2042 weapon balancing in a thousand?

No, Type A2 was not done virtually anyone during the BATTLEFIELD V, even though the matter was constantly raised when the online forums enabling. That is, hardly any data there dice watched, or customer feedback was able to read. Customer orientation GTFO.

I will wait for the same line to continue, but I reserve the right to surprise positively!

▲ MITES went around as well as your own mind?

The term playing has found in the business world to know what regard. It s these modern Buzzwords.

However, everything should not be done just because so can do. Of course, I understand the playing games. Or, at least I thought I would understand. Who are these things to plan? At the end is not to move anyone.

Let s think about a slightly above picture.

A tactical handle on a weapon that brings stability in motion for shooting. Alright. A clear thing. Special equipment I want to make my gun and its opening needs to do stuff in the game. Moment... The handle calculates the precision of the gun... when shooting in place?

Is already going to the rudeness level.

Firstly, however, however, in the heels, and in this case the usability of the capability of the weapon, the accessory of the weapon to decrease its manageability in a situation where there is no running, landing on a parachute, with a sliding rope passed on or under forefront weeping?

Initially, the stands you hit the worse with a weapon than in those situations? And there is no punishment to expose the characteristics as a minus label as belonging.

From us, it s the condense going, looks like! — the people of dais

You would go to Dice already in yourself.

4 . Specialists in Specialists

Battlefield 2042 has rejected more traditional teams such as Assault, Support and Medic. The player has the freedom to choose the weapons and their character accessories without restrictions. The game has ten specialists and everyone has special skills that then not to be found in turn.

Suffering some specialists are clearly affected by better than others — worry away, no limit. The Mats may even have it 128 the same character.

All of them have nothing to be deepened and these will certainly reveal the experimentation and inventing new dimensions. However, clear lines have already become detected, and, for example, a group is good to find at least one Constantin Angel Angel. This specialty is to invite the sky to be equipped with equipment. Players can download all their weapons to full and replace entirely between their pre-assembly of the weapons and equipment units they build.

5 . Choice of game format and field

There are seven pieces of new combat areas. The fields familiar with previous games can be found in turn. The ALL OUT WAR form is represented by the latest battlefield, serving the fielduritation, unfortunately, unfortunately, can not affect that field start. With bad luck, you play certain fields considerably more than others.

NNI in an accident has been that after several ten-hour grinding, no fields were separated from others — good or bad. Which itself is a damn good thing. However, when the novelty appearance is lost, this automation is fused. The field randomness would have to be some kind of balance. Now is not the case. The easiest thing would be to solve this by giving players to choose which field wants to start.

  • Battlefield 2042 Areas:

Hourglass | Doha, Qatar

discarded | Along, India

Manifest | Brain Island, Singapore

Kaleidoscope | Song do, South Korea

orbital | Douro, French Guiana

Breakaway | Queen Maud Land, Antarctica

Renewal | Eastern Desert, Egypt

  • classic Battlefield fields:

Battlefield 1942: The Battle of the Bulge

Battlefield 1942: El Altman

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Arica Harbor

My FIRST Hazard Zone Game in Battlefield 2042... OMG!???? (Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone Gameplay)

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Valparaiso

Battlefield 3: Caspian Borden

Battlefield 3 Nosher Canals

with respect to the long end, or: before there were things better! (Read: I wanna fart!)

Wan hat Bäfäparrat remember how life was blissful, when the matches got to dig a browser-based serverihäkkyrästä. Things were logical, clear and, above all, the game did not have to start to look at what kind of battles would like to take part. The group also was able to put together before you start the game.

Expectations for the new album features were are not so high, and the current is only room for improvement. Must not sink lower.

I found the publication to be functioning also as a kind of watershed; game series has come on quite a few wonderful opportunities already, just because so many of the guy playing it. The fundamental decision to shut off the purchase pipeline now matured into the subconscious to the point that if the next game is annealed specifically Bäfäläiseen appealing to superlatives, must wait for publication in the days before it acquires.

There is no civvies how enthusiasm and expectations have to put to the test with these. What the hell is even that the server kyykkävät However, when these games are made for decades?

Why this seems to Anna in the wheel force (the accordion) re-inventing?

Franchise has been one of the few games, which picks up more of the type of guy gang and the game can be found in the following practice almost always. The question is not so much the fact that the publications would have been no way postwoman excellent pair of longer last time. Not because they are purchased.

The case is even more so that they were good enough or not fully deputy. They couple has enjoyed an excellent story by grinding — and certainly a hundred walking doing these activities.

This, however, requires that the things put into shape with a big hand.

Final statement

Indeed, the war would begin then on the 19th.

Too bad, but that Battlefield 2042 was in this state can not recommend to anyone. The potential of yes is.

Maybe six months from now the situation is different.



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