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The next government, it's on the side of the innovation beyond the anode... Attached to college education, and past the ministry

If the training is long range (百年 之 大計), information and communication (ICT) · Science and Technology policy should be designed look ahead over the next 10 years. Kim Youngest (IS), a former senior presidential secretary for policy planning in the government yigakbeom iron WAIST professor emeritus. Even if the government led by IS Korea to build national broadband internet network, laid the foundation so that our country can rise to the rank of a global ICT superpower is not an exaggeration. It is his conviction that it is granted by the Ministry of Corona 19 daejeonhwan era of information communication and technology triggered the hansom. The professor next step was advised that the import of 'higher education' the field of Information and Communication Technology must be competent. Education is also a means not only target of innovation in itself to identify ICT experts. University,, agencies should be linked to your company's training and research and development (R & D) that they can solve the problem, entrepreneurship and job creation. He should be ripest Iago through the Science and Technology Ministry of Information and Communication So, not as much as a college education. University to lecture to yirwojige If globalization is possible, and respond proactively in the virtual space, because it expects the Science and Technology Ministry will be a shortcut. IS is a professor of government, as well as the past has led ICT policy and governance of key government policy through interest strategists said that his candid views on the big picture of the ICT policy to the incoming government yieogaya. [Editor]

Now is the era of daejeonhwan. The era of the virtual world and the real world combined. In addition, the period of revolutionary transition, the existing industry and new industry of the baton change. Rather than receiving certification it is also a social rating looks real power. This is why you need to transform the education major. From this perspective, universities must really screw up.

Yigakbeom WAIST Professor Emeritus Faculty of Technology Management has evaluated this as for the moment ahead of the presidential election in Korea and one CNET Special boldly with the theme 'ICT policies in the hope the next government Proceed. Boldly proceeded in advance Guido Marriott Hotel last 23 days.

The professor emphasized that not simply stand on one side of which the United States and China, to take a strategic position at the crossroads of daejeonhwan under US and the cathode of the system. He would have reaffirmed the principle of diplomacy.

He correctly in order to train the software (SW) personnel insisted that a college education within the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology will assume removed from the existing Department of Education. Incentives to innovate and improve the quality of the Ministry of Education and chulyeonyeon linking research and development (R & D) and that it can revive the dynamics of the driven entrepreneurship and job creation.

The professor gritty Is unconditional US from US and of the bipolar system, not yin ya China in the new era of daejeonhwan we consider do stand on either side and dare to express, we have to stand on the side of innovation, reality and stressed that when you have to worry a strategic method that can be blended in the virtual fusion.

He also slept Science and Technology Ministry will lead them to prepare for lectures and exams, such as the age to be several factors that softening of the society in the now can be heard without having a famous professor teaching at Harvard University in the physical space, said the Virtual Space gotta emphasized that the ministries need to be the role of coordination and cooperation, support to the initiative.

The professor of the case by the Seoul National University Sociology Professor IS time attracting new talent, and served as President for Policy Planning chief secretary. After he went through in the future of Information and Communication Strategy Committee 2006, 2009 National Informatization Strategy Committee Chairman invited. The professor walked in the way of Buddhists is to have also served as Chairman of the Buddhist Institute.

He is the first person who claimed that hapchyeoya the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Water a way to discuss the integration of the two ministries in the corner of Park Geun-hye came to the government school in 2013 integrated the two ministries, the future creation Sciences, was launched. But later it claimed that it should again split the two parts was retained by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to the current government.

The following is a bold piece professional teaching and Korea Park Seung-Jung CNET editorial.

values ​​and change the way we work, labor education... to worry whether the source of what is causing changes in the force.

Net Korea Park Seung-Jung Jedi editing director : This is the dominant view of the expectation of human life in the aftermath Corona 19 to change class ever. How do you evaluate the professor He was corona 19, the same situation appeared in the convergence era complex.

yigakbeom WAIST Professor Emeritus : it is the emergence of a new bipolar system of the US and the world to look for Corona 19 previously. It was a small US-anode system is changed to Pax American era led by the United States. It grows forces in Europe and Japan, while the multi-polar (several extremists) also arrived society. The anode was an ileum, you can see dwaetdago multipolar system. But now the Chinese are injured.

The affected from China, Korea and the adjacent areas. For example, our country is directly affected, even if only the fine dust. The impact of climate change gets the immediate aftermath of the national life. This is not a problem of our own. It goes with the flow of the world must respond jointly. It is that it does not solve the problem of China and South Korea only.

But as the corona era is now happening is not gotta look at one or two different but overlapping situations. Do any country ruled up to now, it has reasoned the variation of the dominant way in that regard that What is the source of its governance. Now this was a completely different world. Although the US and of the bipolar system based on the fact our daily lives and this has been very far from level.

Park Seung-Jung : Although based in the US, of bipolar system, changes in our daily lives will not be able to explain this one. How can you describe the day-to-day changes in the corona 19 changed.

Yigakbeom Field, the main meal, then of the past, referring to the rest of the health care and education. The four have been living expenses, mainly people from entering. But now, as technology advances, the fourth element was very close to the cultural life. Let your garments. It is also relevant that there seems to simply leave the role of the protection will be combined with cultural factors. Who carry any handbags, did not it just made things as carrying important yin ya any purse.

In particular, the working class in the era of zero marginal cost is to live Stay alive. In the past, according to the means of production, but this has not split with the proletariat and the bourgeoisie, and now was able to further build great wealth not through the means of production. Old money and now the money has different meanings. The scale of money making money in the game is much larger.

Enterprises can also now be divided into two venture-type companies and traditional businesses. Knitted company to venture to look at it face KO SPI market cap is higher than the level of traditional companies. The center has been transferred to the venture-type businesses from Korea chatbot wealth. In that regard, I think there needs to be more flexible working hours. I think there might be a 52-hour week as a regulatory obstacle to lead a new industry.

Just seems to go beyond the obvious to point out that all the different means of working time in the current way of working. The future way of working is to think smart work will be the default. Now is haetseupnidaman some people begin to experience a corona 19, part one. Now, not just a record of the rush hour, it is desirable to measure the working hours as a result.

Park Seung-Jung hasyeotneundeyo mentioned as a powerful way of working, even that of a corona 19 changes. If you are a buyer one threw a topic to read what are the present day.

yigakbeom is' daejeonhwan talking a lot of people. And the era of the virtual world and the real world combined, is the era of traditional industry and new industry of the baton change. From now on you will be rated better than the licensed capacity is actually visible society.

In that regard it will have no choice but to decline in the future college industry. Both Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard University. It will be an era of universal daejeonhwan since there does not necessarily go to college. This law will be that universities do not attend a got man. When credit becomes zero operate one person can go to more than 10 universities.

1994 nationwide high-speed Internet network, the 'information and communication powerhouse cornerstone... Create a predictable future ICT policy after 10 years.

Park Seung-Jung : There are many people talked to the professors figures placed the foundation stone of the Internet and the Information Age. If we look back in the past that they can be guided by what I learn from your efforts in the future.

yigakbeom: first policy I had the first civilian government initially was denied corruption. IS is to combat corruption are above civilian government took office two years about one giulyeotdeon national indicators of cardiovascular ahead of him Globalization, yeomen information. Frills meaningful?

IS when the atmosphere was very strong. If you do not forgive even a little corruption, it was the president's belief that the practice of pay cut scenes' adhesion. IS has continued noodles with luncheon mean that the Lead frugally or take the initiative since, without eating an expensive meal in and outside conglomerates after taking office. What is important is whether the president of the powerful will.

Park Seung-Jung : The Ministry of Information and Communication created the Internet era has launched the second year of IS government took office. Which at that time it was to be able to chiral transition miracle great event.

yigakbeom: That's right. Let's go back to the past. Made the first year of Informatization Promotion was inaugurated the IS, it has created a very high-speed information networks Promotion Team for the internet-based rug in the following year to direct the Prime Minister. The past was the business of installing an Internet network by the Korea Computer Center to the competent authorities.

Internet is correct, but it started from the phone company, the existing telephone system and the dimension was to use a different amount of data. So I could not hold the Internet in the framework of the existing Ministry of Communications. Spread the internet is also a This information communications, Office of the Information and Communication established the presence of background maintenance.

In early 1996 there was an attempt to want to create a task force to promote ICT presidential. Or create a presidential aide in charge of Information Room, it was the secretary to try to promote ICT leader. But this time, Suk-Chae Lee as Minister of Information and Communication recalcitrant, would create the Agency for Informatization Planning takes the information to the Ministry of Information and Communication.

Park Seung-Jung Only if analogue was at the time, and do you think the Buddha was only the phone switches to MIC competent opposition Eddie Cole. It overcomes all of them had foreseen the Internet era worth evaluating.

yigakbeom: Actually, that's not my achievement of IS. IS was saying to two minutes long sheet of A4 paper, without explanation. And if someone said something that I thought that one of giving generously to help. Who do you have to help, then I'll call you, and says that instructs style? This is an excellent policy-minute improvisation.

Park Seung-Jung believes that the talent recruited talent and their strong support seems to be important qualities for leaders. Let's go to the Lee government (MB). The professor did he get the activity at the time of the first president National Informatization Strategy Committee.

Yigakbeom : MB has a wichokjang gives me appreciate the information coordination experience between departments. MB has eliminated the role of Information and Communication jwotdeoni handing each other the Buddha was going to fight this situation, as each department has their own sleeping. Thus, I was the executive responsible to the Executive Chairman of the ICT business.

At the time what I had experienced in the presidential learned that all policies are effective fly to Xi'an inner 10 years until now. So to think back to the station, it would change how the world after 10 years I think that now need to create a policy. We anticipate the demand after 10 years should be the provider of the policy.

ICT and science and technology one flesh... Desirable to bring university education

Park Seung-Jung : What did you two things to focus when designing the then Government Information Governance.

yigakbeom: I personally have indeed ahswiwot dissolution of the Ministry of Information and Communication and the Ministry of Science and Technology in. While dismantling the MIC related business affairs of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Ministry of Science and Technology was held at the Ministry of Education. Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Information and Communication will hapchyeoya. Not to dismantle the wrong direction, each will have to be combined, respectively.

Because this is because this should be happening in order to meet the changes in the new knowledge-based industries. Horses should be a future-oriented. Rather than putting the education of science, I think that the future must be attached to the off my college education science and technology of the Ministry of Information and Communication.

University education is the most important in the information age, and now lacking its role is that our country is struggling with lack of personnel Software. Look. You see that the AI ​​era, China to train how many people. Korea is now the old training methods as is.

Globalization of education can not be avoided. You need to be an active help of the Science and Technology Ministry. It must flexibly respond to daejeonhwan era. Now the Ministry of Education as a system is not possible. For the renovation of education must obtain a university education in Science and Technology Ministry.

In the future, the lectures held in the virtual space will be strengthened. You can still do the things the famous professor lecture at Harvard University in the physical space. Only to hear lectures assessments may also be another system that is going on in other places. South Korea is also preparing to test even the professor lectures.

In order to prepare for higher education, research and development, be era several factors, such as the flexible foundation, Science and Technology Ministry will work to lead the Ministry should be it.

Under the Ministry of Science and Technology Institute, it is closely associated with the university. In more true in terms of human resources. People can study the desirable receiving government support have continuity. Also, do not like beomhaeseo Wu (愚) share information and communication systems Ministry of Science and Technology as a unified system, then consider splitting into baekjegye, single.

Park Seung-Jung : Communication on broadcasting, science and technology has been pointed out that the continued piling up the policy priority for communication. It is the opinion of Professor eotteosinjiyo.

yigakbeom: It was pieces that since the civilian government requires the convergence of telecommunications and broadcasting. If that side Broadcast Convergence okay if eventually broadcast ahead of KCC more communication insisted that the broadcast first. What we had originally claimed was Communication Broadcasting Commission.

Symbolic hers. Politics will have to think a little. But now the government has turned a situation in which even the deliberations exclusive, right to take your future in the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) TV and see. Should be avoided to the government to seriously consider intervention in broadcasting.

Park Seung-Jung : If you put it on, government reorganization when contemplating You've said a college education What else do.

Yigakbeom : HR suseoksil to get rid of the Blue House must allow the president to be appointed by the devolution Once the ministries responsible for personnel autonomously.

Bonnie Blue House is trying to intervene in all personnel caused the nanmaeksang greetings. The organization must be able to handle the job systematically. Hello versa.

Park Seung-Jung : If the next government launched contemporary challenges do you think would be what.

yigakbeom: You must correctly understand the forces that are now unfolding in the world, the new switch, and remove the institutional barriers to the flow of daejeonhwan. The simple beauty of the inevitable, a new type of anode system than the bipolar system.

How important do you interpret it and take any position. Yin ya unconditional US, not China yin ya us to a new era of transition is considered strategically do you stand on either side. Also, the problems pertaining to the diplomatic sense.

We dare touch a word and stand on the side of innovation, not good wet museum bureaucracy. The ventilation of the charge will be contemplating ways that can be blended in the fusion of real and virtual. Innovation in ventilation War is not a matter of choice.


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