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Warhammer 3: Pest and cholera! The realm of Nurgle in the trailer

The Black Death comes from the dark ranges of the chaos and Grandfather Burgle has been totally in the third part: Warhammer apart from the mortals. In the latest video, we are allowed to throw a first look at the garden of Burgle and his contaminated army. Burgle is the oldest chaos god and steered since Eons through all sorts of diseases and epidemics the fate of the peoples of the old and new world.

In the Reich of Father's Burgle

In contrast to the other chaos gods, Burgle is not a malignant God. His pendants call him lovingly Father's Burgle and for them, he has only the best in mind. The sophisticated epidemics that burgle creates incessantly in his garden are not a punishment, but a test. For burgle always develops from the greatest distress. For him: the greater despair and misery, the stronger the growing courage and the ability to overcome each obstacle. Anyone who survives the many diseases of Burgle obtained power and great physical resistance to all sorts of evil.

In the video we see great pests, tiny only engine and epidemics that summon the mucus beasts. At the end, even the legendary Lord KU'path, which travels on a gigantic litter. The litter serves KU'path as a mobile laboratory, where he has ever explored all the poisons and helidecks discovered by him and extinguish entire armies.

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Release and pre-order bonus

The release date for TOTAL was: Warhammer 3 (Buy Now €55.99) is now fixed. The strategy game will be published on 17 February 2022 for the PC and will be available on Steam, Epic Games Store and many other dealers. The third part also comes to the launch in the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

As in the years before, there is also the release of Total: Warhammer 3 a bonus for pre-ordered or players who buy two 3 within the launch week. The Game Pass version of TWO 3 does not contain the bonus. The said bonus comes in the form of the playable people of the Over, with which you can let it crash neatly in the Far East of the Old World. More information about the bonus people and the Special Edition of Total was: Warhammer3 can be found in this article.

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