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The true last name of Ellie de Tlou has been revealed

Original text too short. The first The Last of US Now introduced Joel and Ellie, although it did not really offer many details about the history of these characters. This change in his sequel, where we were able to know that Miller was the first surname of Joel, while that of Ellie was never revealed. Up to now. Neil Luckmann, co-owner of Naughty Dog and creator of the franchise, recently revealed what is the first surname of ELLIE and interestingly, it is a tribute to the history of gaming. Via Twitter, Luckmann said the first surname of ELLIE is Williams, which pays tribute to Ken and Roberta Williams. Who are these characters? It is about anything else and nothing less than the founders of Sierra On-line, a video game study responsible for titles such as King's Quest or Mystery House, and whose influence remains valid to date in many productions Modern In case you missed it, the designs that Joel and Ellie have long ago filtered for the THOU series that prepares HBO and he

Naver Cloud, the first 5g special network of Korea...

Never cloud became a national specialty 5G network No. 1 carrier. 5G network rather than separate carrier material in Seagram Bun dang Never's it's going to build a second office building is expected to be used in autonomous service robots in the house. 28 days of Science and Technology of Information and Communication said dwaetdago Never cloud is a specialty 5G network frequency allocation and telecommunication business registration application is complete. 5G specific network refers to a network that leverages the 5G frequency in a particular area unit of land and building units so that operators wishing to 5G converged services can be built directly 5G. Never cloud case is the first case that was introduced in accordance with the 5G network-specific policy on promoting the Science and Technology Ministry. Meanwhile, 5G, but must receive services from existing operators it was held in length that can be built in the future all direct 5G networks for the property if the

The latest package in Star Citizen will cost more than € 35,000 - still no release

Batsman Citizen is regularly sold a legates package — with almost all digital ships that exist in the MMO. The massive SF epic has still no release date. The latest package now explores the price limits — $40,000, more than €35,000, wants to have CIG for the package. The package was created on request of the fans, it was 2018. What is in the package in it? The exact content of Legates 2951 is not clear at the moment, but one can greatly suspect due to earlier offers that almost all ships and upgrades that exist in Star Citizen will be included. The predecessor package; Legal Pack 2950 (Läppische $ 36,500), covered more than 150 ships and all possible upgrades, items and special services. To buy the package, you must first be a member of the Chairman's Club. To get in there, you have to spent $1,000 in the game. Price for largest package rose from $15,000 to $40,000 How has the price of this package developed over time? The price was steadily up: Star Citizen offered a

Nexon, 'Blue Archive' New Character 'Aris & Yu' Update

This write-up provides one of the most offered video games all the systems, along with video games marketed greater than a million duplicates on the different existing systems. [Data provided: Nixon] 'Game Development Department' A new character 'Arms', 'You' Add Reid Content 'Shirt & Kurt (Indoor)' Update From December 29 to January 2, 'Urdu 2021 Hello 2022' Events Conduct Nixon said today (28th) today (28th), which has been updated new character 'Arms', 'You' on the secrete game developed by the subsidiary Net Games. Main Story 2 'Game Development Department', which appears in the 'Born of the Boys',' is a character to talk to the game, a cute 'Arms', a legendary gamer and a Game Development Department I am collecting many users expectations. 'Arms' is a 'mysterious' attack type, 'special shock' defense type and uses a powerful rail gun to use the 'EX Skill

Desroff, Baja Village 50% off, Steam Winter Discount Start

The last event of steam that welcomes the new year, while finishing the year, and the last event of the new year, winter discounts have come back. The discount period is from 10 am to 10 am to January 22, on December 22, and can purchase various famous franchise games and new work at a maximum of 87% discounted prices. The main sales titles are the newly created destroy and Biohazard Village this year. Both games can be purchased at a 50% discounted price. In addition, at 70% discounted prices in this study, the Hades of Last Year is also a 35% discounted amount. In addition, there is also a recent launch of GTFO (25%), Red Dead LIM Demonstration 2 (50%), Planet Coaster (80%), Picture Dan (80%), Batman Ark Collection (85%), Dark Soul 3 (85%) 75%), X-Comp 2 (90%), Star Wars Jedi Orders (63%), and Need Fort Spit Hit (80%) are sold at a discounted price of 50%. With winter sale, 2021 steam award votes began. Steam Awards The game of the year of the year, the candidate, Hasidim, New


Video Game of Thrones [Gem UV ɹɹOʊNZ], likewise called the iron throne (according to the French title of the charming work of which it is adjusted), is a US Dream TV collection created by David Benioff and also DB Weiss, broadcast in between 17 April 2011 and Might 19, 2019 on HBO in the USA at the same time on HBO Canada in Canada. This is the adjustment of the series of stories written by George RR Martin since 1996, legend renowned for its realism and also by its numerous ideas from actual historical events, areas and also characters, such as the war of the two-roses, the Wall of Hadrian or Henry VII Tudor. In France, it has been broadcast given that June 5, 2011, on OCS Cine choc, come to be OCS shock, on Canal + since January 10, 2013, as well as rebroadcast in clear on D8 (become C8) from October 28, 2013, as well as on D17 (currently STAR) 2014. The background of the collection, located on the fictitious continents of Westeros and ESSS at the end of a summer of 10 years, inter

Halo Infinite: Fanfilm A Hero's Journey released

Raw Mind Pictures have published the Halo Fan film A Hero's Journey on YouTube in cooperation with 405th European. The receptacles of the twelve-mining factory were created for three swivel days in a Wuppertal quarry. Subsequently, three weeks postproduction followed to the publication now made on YouTube. The multiplayer of Halo Infinite served as inspiration. > We are very pleased to present you our Halo fan movie! We wanted to catch the feeling of playing Halo Multiplayer and let our imagination run wild in a kind of alternative universe, in which Spartans fight against each other. It was so much fun! Feel free to experience the fun and passion, so Raw Mind Pictures.

The 'Sancung' train that came out for the trailer... Moder implementation

The public trailer starts with a scene where the main character V rides the train to the Night City. Although many users have seen this scene, they were able to use the train in the real game, but the reality was different. In the , the train was also included in several contents. It is not the same as the appearance of the ads, but the mode is a topic that implements the train route that functions normally. This mode created by the Modern Mean (Keanuwheeze) creates a ground monorail route across the city. A total of 19 stations have been implemented, and the modern designed the inside of the handmade station. While boarding the train, you can switch the city by switching the viewpoint with the three person. The vehicle is not wide, but the internal form is also faithfully implemented. In addition, there are a few natural functions that combine the base UI of the game. For example, if you look at the bottom right of the screen while boarding the vehicle, the following informati

New Year hunts are hunting! Monhan Rise & Stories 2 Sale will be held until January 5-DLC also bargain

Nintendo switch Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2-Wing Wings ~ Download Sale is being held for a limited time until January 5 (Wed) 2022. Recommended Downloads of each title also deals with products that have been set, and the Nintendo 3DS version and iOS / Android version Monster Hunter Stories can be purchased for 500 yen. Sale Overview Sale Name: Monster Hunter Series Sale Sale period: January 5, 2022 (Wed) 23:59 Special Page: / MH SALE/ Nintendo E shop capcomsale 2.html (Nintendo Switch) (Nintendo 3DS) Nintendo Switch Monster Winterize (Game Main Hen) Regular price: 5,990 yen (tax included) Sale price [25% OFF !!]: 4,490 yen (tax included) Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise Deluxe Edition (Game Main Hen) Regular price: 6,990 yen (tax included) Sale price 【21% OFF !!】: 5,490 yen (tax included) Nintendo Switch Monster Hunter Rise

PS Goty with gamers picked Baha Village and Ratchet & Curb

SHE has announced the 2021 PlayStation User Got. As a PS5 game of the year, 'Ratchet & Clank: Lift Apart', and PS4 games were selected as the 'Biohazard Village'. PlayStation Official Blog has been voting in 16 categories to select Got of the year by December 13th. This Got is only a gamer voting, Ratchet & Clank: Lift Apartment is here 'Art Direction, Dual Sense Use Optimization, Graphic Showcase,) '' 'Biohazard Village' has won three events such as 'the PS4 game' of the year 'PS4 game'. In addition, 'Marble Spider-Man 2' is 'MABLE Spider-Man 2', 'MANY: The Bridge of the Year', 'Kenya: The Bridge of the Soul' done. PlayStation Blog 2021 Got Award Details are as follows. Best New Character ( the BEST NEW CHARACTER) Lady Dim Task: Biohazard Village Best Story Biohazard Village Best Art Direction Ratchet & Clank: Lift Apartment Best Soundtrack Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Bes

LOL: The new most broken champion of the story that almost nobody realized

League of Legends (LoL), frequently referred to as League, is a 2009 multiplayer online battlefield video clip game developed and released by Riot Games. Inspired by Protection of the Ancients, a custom-made map for Warcraft III, Riot's owners sought to create a stand-alone video game in the same category. Given that its release in October 2009, the game has been free-to-play as well as is monetized through probable personality personalization. The video game is offered for Microsoft Windows and also macOS. In the video game, two groups of 5 players fight in player versus player fight, each group inhabiting and also protecting their half of the map. Each of the 10 players regulates a character, referred to as a champion, with one-of-a-kind capacities as well as differing styles of play. During a suit, champs become much more effective by gathering experience points, earning gold, and also purchasing things to defeat the opposing group. In the video game's main mode, Summoner

Trewendende at the bottom? Maloku takes over the ASV Cham

ASV Cham 1863 is a German sports club located in Cham in Bavaria. In enhancement to football, the club has areas in lots of disciplines: athletics, tennis, basketball, dance, gymnastics, handball, judo, jujitsu, struggle, swimming, winter sports, table tennis, triathlon, volley ball Sphere, yoga,... The ASV Cham has a new coach — and it is not an unknown. With Farouk Malone, the Table Light of the BayernLiga Word has occupied the coach chair with a well-known face of the BayernLiga North. From 2017 to 2021 the 43-year-old the DKK Forbes and even led them almost to the regional league in the 2018/19 vice-master season. After a short intermezzo at the SV Donaustauf, the experienced Oberlin coach was last unimaginative. Now he should rescue the ASV. Malone expects a Hercules task However, the task for Malone should not be slightly. The sporting starting position at ASV Cham could not be worse. With only two wins from 20 BayernLiga games and nine counters on the point account, the Ob

Fortnite Backpack Locations: Wo man Spider-Mans Web

Spider-Mans Web Shooters have finally arrived at Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, so that players can swing around at the brand-new card at high speed. The web shooters are the first mythical subject of chapter 3, Season 1, but there is also a non-mythical version that can be obtained. It does not seem to give a limited number of them per game, so you will be ready to see many people swing around the map during the games. So you can get Spider-Man's Mythic Web Shooter in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 in your hands. Fortnite Spider-Man Web Shooter Location The web shooters of Spider-Man are in Spider-Man Backpacks, which are scattered on the map. Every backpack has a chance of 90%, let web shooters drop, but all of them drop at least healing objects when they interact with them. Web shooter backpacks can be found throughout the island, but the easiest place to find them is The Daily Bugle in the northeast of the map. You can see a map with all locations below, courtesy of Fortnite-

Pubg passes Free to Play everywhere from January 12

End of the recess: the veteran PUBG loose the flange and takes advantage of the Game Awards to announce his passage to the model free to play as of January 12, to keep the customers in place and possibly seduce an audience who would like to reconnect with the formula. A transition that will take place as well on consoles and on PC. In mapping for some time, the transition to the free model will be accompanied by compensation cosmetics for those who had dropped a ticket. It is also a question of customization elements for the optional Battlegrounds Plus upgrade to €12.99, a premium formula that will guarantee access to the classified mode, the right to create custom parties, Not to mention the boosts of experience. The objects involved include the captain's Camo set, which includes a hat, camouflage mask and camouflage gloves. Share your opinion ! Vote at GK Awards 2021 To participate For their part, the players who bought and played in PUBG before his visit to the Free To P

LOL: Jensen takes a step on the side of Team Liquid and confirms rest

Tandoori Ashikaga (西川 貴教, Ashikaga Tandoori, born September 19, 1970) is a Japanese artist, vocalist, songwriter, document manufacturer, actor, voice artist, radio individuality, and also entrepreneur. He carries out under the phase name T.M. Revolution (MR), which represents Tandoori Makes Change (貴教が革命を起こす, Tandoori GA Yakima o OSU), originating from the popular '80s pop electronic band TM Network. Despite a lot of his songs being composed by Akin Income and also composed/arranged by Daisuke Sakura (additionally MR's former manufacturer), T.M. Revolution is taken into consideration Ashikaga's solo job. Ashikaga is additionally recognized for contributions of finishing and opening styles to lots of notable anime and game series. Ashikaga debuted as MR with the launch of his first single Hokusai (Take Over) (独裁 -monopolize-) in May 1996. Later that year, his 3rd single Heart of Sword (Yoke Mae) (HEART OF SWORD ~ 夜明け前 ~) was used as the third ending tune for the anime series

Jul: a giant marseillaise star poster for FIFA 22 campaign 22

In sporting activities, an objective celebration is the method of commemorating the racking up of an objective. The event is generally done by the goalscorer, and also may include their colleagues, the manager or coaching staff or the supporters of the team. Whilst referring to the celebration of an objective in basic, the term can additionally be related to certain activities, such as a gamer removing their t-shirt or executing a somersault. Parties are generally extra significant in lower-scoring sporting activities, such as association football and ice hockey, where a score has higher importance. Numerous goal celebrations have actually been immortalized, such as in a statuary (Thierry Henry), promotions (Ronaldo), shipping stamps (Pelé), magazine covers, or in video clip games: Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Lionel Messi amongst lots of others are included in the FIFA series. A partnership that had been officially rendered some time ago with the integration of Jul's fam

Questions and answers in front of the showdown in Formula 1

As a secret champion or unknown world market leader (English Hidden Champions) are fairly unidentified larger companies (with greater than 50 million euros in sales or even more than 500 staff members), which are the market leader in their industry. In smaller business areas, business with fewer employees as well as sales can be Hidden Champions. The term covert champs was utilized as a research construct for the very first time in 1990 in a research study by Hermann Simon, which was published in the publication for company administration, in the company discussion. The criteria for identifying a company as Hidden Champ defined Simon as complies with: You are in your market number 1, 2 or 3 on the world market, or Number 1 on your residence continent. The yearly turnover is usually less than 3 billion euros. In public, they are barely called they are primarily owner, not noted and also usually serve a specific niche market. What's up? The final act of the possibly rousing formul

LOL: The leg betting of a Riot employee who left him ridiculous before the community

The days after the introduction of a patch in League of Legends are particularly problematic and the update 11.24 has not been an exception. Players have begun to notify some errors to the help team to the Riot Games player with the intention that these employees notify developers and can be corrected as soon as possible. A very common situation that this time has been very sounded due to an error of the members of the company in charge of attending to the community. The great dismissal of the community of League of Legends The complaint of the players with respect to the imbalances of the current version was related to the malfunction of the true vision. This mechanics reveals all the champions to which we normally could not see, as would be the case of an Alkali hidden in the twilight of twilight. A perfect example that put the player who notified the error and led to a difficult response to believe in which the Employee of the Riot community support team assumed that this was the

Call of Duty: Warzone - Launch Trailer to the Pacific

Before the new Season on December 8th of December 2021 in Call of Duty: Vanguard (Buy Now €42,01) and War zone goes live, a twelve-hour server maintenance takes place at 06:00. From 18:00, the servers should then be online again, so that players can start with the update and the new content. By the way, how big the download will be, it is currently not fixed — but you should expect a relatively large data packet if you want to play the newly built in Vanguard War zone. The Preload starts on December 7, 2021. The new War zone map Caldera, which appears with the Pacific Update, will be available for owners of Call of Duty: Vanguard directly after the end of the maintenance work on 08 December 2021. If you have not bought Vanguard, you have to wait until 09 December 2021 at 18:00. You can still play War zone from 08. December 2021 after the end of maintenance — just without access to Caldera. War zone Season 1 also brings the following content next to the new Caldera map: Update to th

Gladbach | Inexplicable : Hütter horror bankruptcy speechless

As a software, products are designated, the conclusion or distribution moved numerous times or for a lengthy time or never ever understood. The term is utilized specifically in instance of delays in computer game. The 14th Bundesliga match day provided for historical moments and plenty of excitement: Bayer Leverkusen entered the exhausted taught light Reuther Fürth seven hits. The BVB felt in motion for FC Bayern after a steady penalty against FC Bayern. Playback experienced the worst half of his story on Sunday. The voices: Borussia Mönchengladbach — SC Freiburg (0: 6) ADI Hunter (coach Borussia Mönchengladbach): After such a defeat it is not easy to find words. That's inexplicable. The disappointment is huge. Christian Stretch (coach SC Freiburg): In the first 30 minutes every shot was in it. I have never experienced something like that. The team has made an outstanding game. In the second half we have worked serious and with will VfB Stuttgart — Bertha BSC (2: 2) Pelegrí

Ski Alpin: 2. Departure of men in Beaver Creek today in the live ticker

Today in Beaver Creek, the second departure of the men takes place. Alpine skiing today here in the Live Ticker. DAZN SUBSCRIPTION back up and experience the second men's downhill in Beaver Creek live! This Sunday evening, the second departure of the men was supposed to take place in Beaver Creek. However, due to the strong wind the race was eventually canceled. Alpine skiing: 2. Men's downhill in Beaver Creek today in Live Scores — Before the start rejection! It was almost to be expected, now it's official! The men's downhill canceled in Beaver Creek has to due to the strong wind on the slopes! Next weekend, the hosts are then in Val d'Isère turn again, before returning to pace the matter in two weeks in Val Garden. Bye from Beaver Creek and until next time. Before the start: Not before 21:30! It does not look good for the downhill in Beaver Creek. The wind just does not let up, and a possible launch has been postponed again. Pm before 21:30 nothing happens he

Davis Cup: Germany in the semi-final against co-favorite Russia

The German Davis Cup team meets on Saturday in the semi-finals of the Tennis Team Competition on Mitfavorit Russia. In the last quarter-finals, Russians in Madrid sat down against Sweden through the two individual victories of the world ranking Daniel Mercedes and Andrew Ruble, number five of the world. Ruble had brought Russia with a lot of effort by a 6: 2, 5: 7, 7: 6 (7: 3) against Elias Amer in the lead. Against the brother Mikael, US Open winner Mercedes had a 6: 4, 6: 4 follow and thus made the final double meaningless. Germany on Tuesday with a 2-1 against Great Britain in Innsbruck also without Top star Alexander Zeal Sensational for the first time for 14 years for the semi-finals of the most important team competition qualified. The second semifinals at the final weekend in Madrid deny Serbia with Superstar Novak Djokovic and Croatia. Articles and videos about the topic Cash: Olympic gold in tennis is pretty cool Davis Cup: Djokovic saves Serbia into the semifinals

For Honor: Year 5 Season 4 Frozen Shores startet am 9. Dezember

Royal Prince Edward Island (PEI) is among the thirteen provinces and regions of Canada. It is the tiniest province in regard to land location and populace, but one of the most densely populated. The island has several nicknames: Yard of the Gulf, birthplace of Confederation and Cradle of Confederation. Its capital as well as the largest city is Charlottetown. It is among the 3 Maritime provinces and also among the 4 Atlantic districts. Component of the typical lands of the Milkman, it was conquered by the French in 1604 as component of the colony of Acadia. The island was delivered to the British at the conclusion of the French as well as Indian War in 1763 as well as entered into the swarm of Nova Scotia, as well as in 1769 the island became its own British swarm. PEI organized the Charlottetown Conference in 1864 to talk about a union of the Maritime provinces; nevertheless, the seminar ended up being the very first in a collection of meetings which caused Canadian Confederation in

Valorant: What time is Krü and Fury's game?

Team Liquid is a Dutch digital sporting activities company, specifically recognized for its Star Craft 2 teams, League of Legends and also Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. GRU ESPORTS did not have the best boot at the Valorant Champions. The Argentine squad lost 2-0 in front of a Team Liquid that connected in Haven and Ascent, putting it into a row to play against Sentinels for a place in the qualifiers. While the team of Sergio Run Ague will play a day against fury, which has a lot of weight in its campaign by the international trophy. As we know, the Champions Group phase is played in double elimination format. For this reason, GRU ESPORTS still has the possibility of reaching qualifiers if he wins the confrontation against fury and the December 6 deformation is carried out. The Latin American champion has already passed through something similar in the Masters of Berlin, planting a Brazilian team for a place in the best of three instances. Now, bets are much higher since we ta

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Season 2 Is Live, Includes New Gold Rush Setting

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Season 2 — Yule is officially survived on PC as well as gaming consoles, bringing with it a brand-new battle pass and a brand-new game mode. With Season 2 — Yule, players will be presented to Gold Thrill, a new Pope game mode where a group must bring a certain quantity of gold to among their regulated spawn factors prior to their opponents do. The catch is that carrying excessive gold will use the gamer down, so players will certainly need to locate the most effective approach. With several treasures to swipe, hidden gold stockpiles, and also stealing from competing Criminals, this setting strikes unlock of possibility, sensible strategies, as well as shock epic moments, Sumo Digital said. Alongside the new game mode, a fresh battle pass featuring 100 cosmetics will also be included in season 2. Players can finish break-ins to progress via the Battle Pass and collect over 100 brand-new clothing, tool skins, and banner packs. Hood: Outlaws & Leg

The Game Awards 2021: Reggie Fils

Nintendo Business, Ltd. (任天堂 株式会社, Nintendo Kabushiki-Gaisha?) Is an amusement firm dedicated to study as well as advancement, production and distribution of computer game and also video game, and card games, based in Kyoto, Japan. Its beginning dates back to 1889, when it started to run as Nintendo Kappa after being founded by the craftsmen Fujiko Yamaguchi with the goal of creating and marketing Canada cards. After venture right into several lines of work during the 1960s and get a Legal character of open resources company under the present social reason, in 1977 dispersed its initial video game console in Japan, the color TV Game 15. Its items include some of the most prominent as well as effective gaming consoles as well as titles in the video game sector, such as the Nintendo Amusement System, the Super Nintendo Amusement System, the Wii and the Game Boy; along with Donkey Kong titles (1981), Super Mario Bros. (1985), The Tale of Zelda (1986), Metro id (1986), Tetris (Game Young

F1 2021 for PS5 at Amazon & Ebay on offer for the new Best Price [Advertisement]

The formula 1 season is on the target straight. Still two races remain to find out who becomes the world champion 2021. The title is still completely open in both the drivers and teams. After last two wins in a row, Lewis Hamilton currently seems to have the momentum on his side. Nevertheless, Max is stills tapping in the front World Cup. Suitable for this very exciting and memorable F1 season you can now buy the official racing game for the premier class of motorsports significantly cheaper. F1 2021 for PS5 for only 32.95 euros New Best Price: Both at Amazon, and on eBay, you will never get F1 2021 for the PS5 as cheap as before and thus even cheaper than the Black Friday. The price is only 32.95 euros. The previous best price was 35.95 euros. She saves three euros again. These are the dealers: At Amazon, the game is sold and shipped by S & T Online Handel GmbH. This provider has a total of 94 percent positive reviews in the last 12 months at 53 ratings. If you prefer to buy

Sting will occur live to video Game Awards 2021

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards event was kept in and around the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles on March 14, 2021. It identified the very best recordings, compositions, and musicians of the qualification year, running from September 1, 2019, to August 31, 2020. The elections were exposed by means of an online livestream on November 24, 2020. The performers for the event were revealed on March 7, 2021. South African comedian Trevor Noah organized the ceremony. Beyoncé received one of the most elections with nine, adhered to by Dua Lipa, Rowdy Rich, and Taylor Swift with 6 each. Beyoncé received the most awards, with 4, surpassing Alison Kraus as the most-awarded female in the show's background, with 28 awards in general. Swift won Album of the Year for Folklore, making her the very first woman to win the award three times and also the very first artist to do so because Paul Simon in 1988. Billie Eilish won Document of the Year for Everything I Wanted, ending up being the

In the footsteps of Beckers and Stichs: with full throttle to the next Davis Cup

The German tennis professionals walk in Davis Cup on the footsteps of Boris Becker and Michael Stick. The first final deduction for 28 years is the goal in Madrid. Kevin Gleiwitz messed up on the roll field with Dominik Keeper, and Peter Gojowczyk even put a small dance in the check-in hall of the Innsbruck airport. With huge euphoria, the German Davis Cup heroes left their Tyrolean winter wonderland on Wednesday morning, to continue their furious mission under the sun's sun — because in addition to a lot of good moods they also had big dreams in their luggage. We all said that we want to go to Madrid. We reached the goal, said Jan-Lennard Stuff not without pride, but then added research: It's time to set new goals, we want to win the semi-finals. It was the most glamorous times of German tennis with Boris Becker and Michael Stick, as last suited. Twice it was Becker (1988, 1989), who led a selection of the German Tennis federal (DUB) to win the ugliest salad bowl of the wo