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Naver Cloud, the first 5g special network of Korea...

Never cloud became a national specialty 5G network No. 1 carrier. 5G network rather than separate carrier material in Seagram Bun dang Never's it's going to build a second office building is expected to be used in autonomous service robots in the house.

28 days of Science and Technology of Information and Communication said dwaetdago Never cloud is a specialty 5G network frequency allocation and telecommunication business registration application is complete.

5G specific network refers to a network that leverages the 5G frequency in a particular area unit of land and building units so that operators wishing to 5G converged services can be built directly 5G.

Never cloud case is the first case that was introduced in accordance with the 5G network-specific policy on promoting the Science and Technology Ministry.

Meanwhile, 5G, but must receive services from existing operators it was held in length that can be built in the future all direct 5G networks for the property if the company you want to use the 5G converged services.

■ Never build Labs developed autonomous robots usage 5G

5G specific web of Never cloud is built into the Never second office building. Never was Labs has developed and will be operated with the '5G robot brain lease.

The robot will provide the Autonomous Service connects to 5G on Never's ARC platform. As an employee subject to the occupancy of office will oversee services such as courier and the lunchbox, beverage café ships.

The assigned frequency band was applying the 5G specialty networks including the full bandwidth 28GHz band. 28.9 ~ 29.5GHz band, 600MHz band, 4.7GHz and the width and the width of 100MHz.

Science and Technology Ministry has allocated a total discretion, apply the band needed in the future 5G Brain leased robot consider the possibility to take advantage of massive traffic 5G specialty network overall frequency band.

Yandex.Cloud & Naver Cloud Platform Frequency allocation price was calculated is 14.73 million won for the 5G network-specific characteristics using a frequency in the land-building units. The count is now available as a frequency much lower cost than the frequency of national mobile communication unit.

Science and Technology Ministry has completed a rapid assessment in one month after one application, while greatly simplifying the Never cloud compared to existing frequency allocation procedures.

In addition, we reviewed the appropriateness of including Never cloud 5G specialty network services provide the facility reserve line telecommunication operators registered users change protection plan for the application for registration and treatment provided to change the protecting measures such as minimum user needs.

■ Local 5G, 5G specific new network name is joint 5G '

Day Science and Technology Ministry said it plans call for the new 5G specific network called joint (e-Um) 5G '.

Science and Technology Ministry has six elected through a committee consisting Korea Communications propagation Diego Agency since last November 29 with up to December 17 5G specialty networks result in progress in the new name contest submitted a total 3,300 environment professionals chose the name.

It was selected as the target of the proposed '5G joint (e-Um)' captures the fast (EMB), ultra-low latency (URL LC), second connecting me (MTC) that best represents the 5G features of meaning Giving ear to us, things and society.

More easily call a change to the joint (e-Um) 5G 'confirmed under the new name 5G specialty network and plans to use actively promoted through the logos and the like.

Jogyeongsik Science and Technology Ministry Undersecretary through artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud joint 5G in saying Never Cloud Case If the year has put the emphasis in the new start joint 5G year 2022 will be the first year of the joint 5G are full spread. One look forward to after a heart broken as joint 5G are all devices attached to the front of a variety of fusion 5G service activation, he said.

Then, he emphasized, We expect the joint 5G and spreading equipment, services, etc. 5G + become more active ecosystem of the forward and backward industries, and even the New Deal era digital daejeonhwan ‧ countries across the industry will be further promoted.


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