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Destiny 2: destructive element, energy element, dextering element, changeable element, explanation

With the appearance in Destiny 2 in the addition of the "Queen of Witch" to create weapons, players received a lot of new information. One of the important aspects of the creation and alteration of weapons is that resonant elements . Resonance elements are five different species, each of which affects different aspects of the crafting. All this can be obtained by completing DeepSight Resonance contracts, with the exception of drowned elements that can be obtained within the framework of Deepsight Resonance raid contracts. An additional source will complete the "settings" for each drop-down "red" weapon. Resonance elements Destructive elements - related to damage, improved features and creating exotic weapons deft elements - related to the characteristics of weapons, special improved features and the creation of exotic weapons. Changeable elements - related to the enhancement of abilities, improved features and creating exotic weapons.