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Mario Strikers: Battle League Football: Fat game scenes

The foul on Ewald Lienen in 1981? A scratch compared to the aggressive force of the new Mario Striker, at least the artwork department suggests. The trailer shows what it looks like on the square.

Nintendo, traditionally not known for the faulty sayings, sounds on his product page: "Like football, but with a significantly harder offensive!" And you can see that on the square: the hyper-shots of 5-to-5 sports are framed by powerful comic standards, somewhere between Dragon Ball fight and Asura's Wrath. In the video we discover nasty floor tendrils from Waluigi, a tornado by Luigi and a sugar -sweet cardiac shot from Peach (with a very creative flight curve). Incidentally, for these special shots you have to collect one of the hyper balls on the field and activate them while the opponent is distracted. This is followed by a small timing game (analogous to many golf games) and, if successful, two booths will be credited to your account.

Of course, items are also used on the square-e.g. red tanks, green tanks, ausch banana and BOB-Omb explosion. There is just as little a referee - the athletes rattling into the gang, hit by a flight tomb in the back, and are electrified there. The option is particularly exciting to initiate a teammate from behind so that it rushes over the field even faster-this could be a small game channel on the offensive and defensive.

Mario Strikers: Battle League - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch Of course, Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (from € 59.99 can be played online when pre -ordered) - up to eight bikes can be done against each other. There are also online clubs for up to 20 players and the option to expand their own stadium by in-game currency. If you are curious, we also recommend a visit to our large screenshot gallery.


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