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We study various features of alpha

On July 14, Blizzard launched the long-awaited first phase of alpha testing of a new addition for World of Warcraft called Dragonflight and those who gained access immediately began to share various details. Based on information from various sources in this article, we will study the features of the updated system of talents, new races, new maonnes, mechanic and other things.


Let's start with various general information. I also added interesting information from a recent interview to the list below:

  • The process of increasing the level in the addition of Dragonflight will be a little longer than in Shadowlands.
  • According to the standard scheme, the alfa-book contains various updated models, maps, download screens, icons, new pets, toys, mounds, etc.
  • In the first phase, only one add-on-the Azure Span location is available, but it is the largest single location in the entire history of World of Warcraft.
  • In the first phase, the updated Talent of Talents for the Classes-Ryzar of Death, Druid, Hunter, Pristor and Robber were brought in.
  • Based on the interface, in Dragonflight will there will be only 8 dungeons-brackenhide Hollow, Halls of Infusion, Neltharus, Ruby Life Pools, Taz'algeth Academy, The Azure Vault, The Nokhud Offense, Uldaman: Ledaman, Uldaman, Uldaman.
  • In the first phase, updated alchemy, blacksmithing and various changes are available. Read more about the processing of crafting in articles by links in a hat.

    • A craft station, which had not yet been, were added to the additions location, and the portable alchemist craft station was added.
    • A separate slot for new bags of reagents was added to the bag system.
    • The number of glasses of the craft of reagents was raised from 200 to 1000, consumables-s 20 to 200.
  • With the launch of the addition, the craft order system will work within the server.

  • Dragonflyight will add a number of items in the drop a leaf of raid bosses that are distributed according to the old raid loot system. That is, players roam the fallen object and relate to the luck that they will throw the largest number.
  • The initial sheet of mythic+ will include 4 new dungeons from Dragonflight and 4 old ones, for example, for now, the team is looking at Temple of the Jade Serpe and Court of Stars.
  • Shadowlands helped developers understand that they should try to protect players from routine by all means. You no longer have to engage in a mandatory certain routine to always remain relevant for a certain content. In other words, the developers have come to the right direction Play how you want and go through the content you like.
  • Perhaps at a certain moment after the guild is released, cross-fraction support will receive, that is, it will be possible to accept the player of both the Horde and the Alliance.
  • Most likely, at a certain moment after the completion of the supplement, the special event Time Travel will affect the Battle for Azeroth add-ons and then the raids will then add. The developers also consider the opportunity to apply the event to locations in the open world.
  • Developers consider the opportunity to increase the maximum number of account characters (now it is 50).

New Talent System

Perhaps the most important feature of the addition is the processing of a talent system that has turned into an analogue of the original concept. Now the system is divided into two trifles of talent-class and specialization. In the first, improvements are collected for the class itself and it does not change depending on specialization, the second respectively collects improvements of the selected specialization. By the way, the updated talent calculator has already been launched on the whole Wowhead website, thanks to it you can familiarize yourself with changes in 5 classes mentioned.

At the time of writing, each tree contains 3 types of improvements or in other words, nodes (it seems, there should be 4 on the release):

  • Square-opening new abilities.
  • Round-passive amplifications. As a rule, such nodes can be improved several times.
  • Octagonal, unfortunately active ability to choose.

All types of nodes are interconnected in a certain chain and unlock strictly one after another, which is why it is possible to collect several variations of builds for various needs (to simplify this process, the possibility of creating presets was added). In addition, the tree is divided into 3 segments: the first is available by default, the second opens when the player will spend 8 points of talents in total, and for the third you need 20.

Talent points, as in the old system, are given only after reaching level 10, but alternately, 1 point for the tree. After reaching the maximum level 70, the player will have 31 points for the class tree and 30 points for the Tree of Specialization.


The new race of dragonids, like Vorgen, capable of changing their shape from dragonid to a person and vice versa. Its representatives are available to a special class Evoker, which allows the use of dragons to kill opponents-specialization Devastation and the healing of the Allied specialization Preservation. It is worth noting that some of the abilities you can use in the form of a person, while others are forcibly transferred to the form of dragonide.

Also, representatives of this race were endowed with a new very unusual and interesting mechanics, tied on the ability called soar. After its use, the character spreads its wings and soars into the air, where it can be for quite some time if you use the mechanics of maintaining inertia correctly. In order not to delay the description, the whole point lies in 3 actions:

  • In the air, the character flies all the time in advance until the inertia ends and he automatically sinks to the ground.
  • To gain inertia, it is enough to direct the camera down / at an angle and then directly. The longer the character falls down or at an angle, the more inertia.
  • You can also direct the camera up for a set of heights, but this action quickly consumes inertia. You can still gain a height with the help of special abilities:
    • Surge Forward (2 charges)-sting ahead, you are gaining speed.
    • Skyward ascent-break up, you are gaining height by reducing inertia.

In this way, you can overcome a fairly large distance, and according to the measurements of some users, the flight speed on the wings is 2-3 times greater than when using mounds.

The other features of DRACTHYR include a rather thoughtful editor of the character with a ton of options, he allows you to configure almost every separate element of the appearance of the dragon shape and even put an armor on it. However, unfortunately, or, possibly, fortunately, you cannot give your dragon a very muscular shape, since they are mostly quite slender. Moreover, according to various videos, it seemed to me that the male and female model of the dragons did not differ at all, possibly due to the fact that the separation of the sexes was renamed the body 1 and body 2.


As I wrote above, Evoker offers the user two specializations-DD (magician) and chill. Class capabilities use magic or essence-second charges, there are 5 of them and they are restored over time. In addition, at least one of the basic abilities works on the principle of charging, the longer the player holds the button, the more it will cause damage.

Further, the description of racial and basic abilities:

  • Mentioned above soar. CD 5 minutes and begins when you land. Soar cannot be used in rooms and dungeons.
  • Visage, allows you to change the form.
  • Glide-allows steaming during the fall.
  • Tail Swipe-implies ao-okon around the character and pushes away 6 meters ago. CD 1.5 minutes.
  • Wing Buffet imposes damage in front of him and repels opponents. CD 1.5 minutes.
  • Mastery: Giantkiller. Increases abilities of abilities by 22.5% of the current maximum reserve of CP targets.
  • Blessing of the Bronze Buff. Within an hour, it reduces CD with the main ability to move by 15%.
  • Living Flame-Assembly attacking and healing ability.
  • Return.
  • Azur Strike is abruptly damaged for two nearby targets.
  • Deep Breath perfushy, like a real dragon, flies forward, erupting the flame and causing damage along the line. KD 2 minutes.

WHAT * Disintegrate-absorbing 3 essences, the character releases an ice beam. It causes damage every 2.7 seconds and hangs a 3-second debuff that reduces the speed of movement by 30%. * Emerald Blossom Pernets creates a flower next to an ally. After 2 seconds, it explodes, healing 3 allies within a radius of 10 meters from the flower. * Fire Breath. The character sprinkles the flame along the cone in front of him, causing damage depending on the degree of charging. * The Hover-perfume makes a sprout forward, for 6 seconds soars above the ground. During the action, the speed of movement increases by 30%, and you can use spells on the go (with the exception of charging abilities). CD 30 seconds. * Landslide perfusment releases a wave forward, which turns back the opponents with roots, forbidding them to move within 30 seconds. Any incoming damage removes this debuff.


The second important feature of the Dragonflight Dragonflight is unique mounds associated with the inertia mechanics and the Dragonriding system. To unlock (per account), improve (in the current build there are over 50 talents) and change the appearance (through a separate editor) of the Mounts of the player as all the locations of the addition. On Earth, they behave like ordinary maunts, but in the air the situation changes radically. It is important to note that the Dragonriding access system itself is only in additions to the additions and their design is built with its accounting.

In the air, the Mount is constantly flying forward, because of this, unfortunately, the player cannot hang in place. The flight process itself is completely tied to the inertia mechanics, in other words, it will have to be performed by similar actions that I described in the dragon segment, but there are two important features. Firstly, the appeal of Mount is accompanied by the appearance of new elements of the Mount’s energy interface and special charges. Secondly, having gained sufficient speed, the character receives a buff related to energy.

Charges are necessary for the use of Mount's abilities, and energy acts as an indicator of the restoration of charges, as soon as the scale is 100%filled, you restore 1 charge. By default, energy restores only when the player is on the ground, and in the air you will have to activate and maintain the buff mentioned above (as an option, you can simply dive down). Regarding Mount's abilities, there are only 3 of them:

  • Surge forward (1 charge)-sting forward, increases speed.
  • Skyward ascent (1 charge)-sting up, you are gaining height by reducing inertia.
  • Whirling Surge (3 charges)-ying around your axis, you make a long jerk forward, increasing the speed.

You can test your new unique mounts in special races, their essence boils down to the following: pass the route by flying through each control point. An example of such a race in the video below.


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