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Guide to the halls for private classes in the Two Point campus

On Two Point Campus, you will see how you manage both staff and students. However, even if you have the most experienced teachers, there will always be students who are difficult to get good grades. So that such students do not drop their studies, you need to have rooms for private training in your campus.

Rooms for private training, of course, have their own cost and expenses, since you should hire additional teachers. However, they are a profitable investment. Remember that one of the ways to make money in the game is to have as many students as possible. Private training rooms, therefore, will pay off in the long run.

The next leadership will explain everything that you need to know about the presence and management of a room for private classes in the Two Point campus.

how to unlock a private training room

You will automatically gain access to private classes in Piazza Lanatra, which is the second campus that you open after an increase in the stellar rating of the campus to level 1.

Requirements for private classes

The basic cost of a private training room is 6,600 US dollars excluding the teacher. In addition, the minimum room size is 3 × 3, which should be enough for a short time.

You must also have a training table and a cool board. However, there are some additional items that can be added to the room for private classes. They will take their place, but not enough to justify the large size of the room.

Private training rooms objects and cost

  • Tuition Desk: A mandatory item worth $ 750.
  • Board: A mandatory item that costs $ 750.
  • Wall blackboard: an optional item that increases learning by 2%. It costs $ 750.
  • Book cabinet: an optional item that increases learning by 2%. It costs $ 750.
  • Book shelves for training: an optional subject that increases learning by 2%; It cost $ 750.
  • Sound poster: an additional decor item that increases attractiveness. It costs $ 100.
  • Textbooks: an additional decor value worth $ 750.
  • Motivational poster: an additional decor item that increases attractiveness. It costs $ 400.
  • Red rug: an additional decor item that increases attractiveness. It costs $ 700.
  • Lake painting: an additional decor item that increases attractiveness. It costs $ 50.

Two * Portable TV: an additional decor item, which costs $ 750.

Private Tips for Training

  • Unlike other rooms, you can place a room for private classes in the corner of your campus. Be smart and do not waste precious space, building a large room. This is not a requirement of a room for private classes.
  • When you have enough free funds, add objects that increase learning to help students even more.


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