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Not just work! ? Ramune is good for e -sports! It turns out to be useful for maintaining concentration during the game -Gamers are always sweets you want to keep in mind

Morinaga Seika announced on August 29 a new research result on Ramune Confectionery and E-Sports.

This study revealed that taking ramune during game play can maintain higher concentration than usual. It turned out to be a useful confection for gamers who play e-sports titles.

Until now, research on e-sports has examined the relationship between attention and nutrition during gameplay, but has rarely examined the effect of grape sugar consuming during game play.

Therefore, the company has made a hypothesis that replenishing grapes, which is important for brain nerve activity, is effective in maintaining the optimal brain function level. This research has been implemented.

In the future, it will verify the impact of grape sugar intake on game performance by game skills.

[Hereafter, quoted from the release]

Morinaga Seika Co., Ltd. (Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO Ejiro Ota) was recognized to improve a part of cognitive function (brain function such as memory, attention, and noticeable) 1). We are conducting research on ramune confectionery (hereinafter referred to as ramune and description). This time, our company has been conducting new research in collaboration with Ryoshi Furumon, a lecturer of Nishi-Nippon Institute of Technology, and Associate Professor Gosho Hagiwara of Kyushu Sangyo University, and has a temporary cognitive function (information processing speed and sustainable attention) due to ramune intake. I confirmed again that it will improve. Analysis of brain wave data during e-sports play reveals that the power ratio of SMR wave * * is higher than when taking ramune, which is useful for maintaining high concentration in humans. It was shown to be. * SMR waves are called sensory motor rhythm waves, brain wave frequency bands that appear in psychological conditions such as relaxation and concentration).

■ Research background and purpose Recent studies on e-sports, whose players are increasing all over the world, has examined the relationship between attention and nutrition during gameplay. However, the effects of grape sugar intake to game play and human physiological indicators have rarely examined. The hypothesis was that supplementing grapes, which is important for brain nerve activity, as needed, is effective in maintaining the optimal brain function level. It has been reported that human psychological status is supported by brain activity and can estimate the psychological state by brain wave data 3).

So, in this study, we examined the effects of ramune intake to cognitive function. In addition to this, the aim was to clarify the effects of ramune intake on physiological indicators using a method (Sports Kansei, Little Software Inc.) that estimates emotions from brain wave data during game play.

■ Research method For 20 healthy adult men (average age of 19.85, 0.96 years old), 29g of ramune containing 26.2 g of grape sugar (hydrated crystal grapes), or 29g of tablets (placebo) with a flavor of grapes with erythritol. We had a trail making test § by the trail making test § around the game play of the race genre (about 30 minutes). Next, we measured brain wave data during gameplay, and performed statistical analysis in comparison between ramune intake conditions and placebo intake conditions. §: Examination method that traces the numbers and letters displayed in the random position on the computer screen quickly and accurately

■ Research results / consideration Under ramune intake conditions, it has been confirmed again that ramune intake is useful for improving information processing speed and sustainable attention because the score of the cognitive function test has been significantly improved than the placebo intake conditions. 。 Also, after the start of the game, the brain wave data of various frequency bands was analyzed, and ramune intake was particularly high in the power ratio of SMR wave, so ramune intake has forget the passage of time. It was shown that it could bring a state of being immersed in the task, a so-called flow state (Fig. 1). Regarding the flow state, it is also described in the so-called zone with a common sense not only for professional athletes and artists but also by all humans 4).

Based on these results, it is expected that the balance between relaxation and concentration will greatly affect the game performance, so it is necessary to verify the impact of grape intake on the game performance by game skills. In addition, it is presumed that grape sugar intake will temporarily increase cognitive functions through the impact on brain activity, but we will conduct further research in the future because the mechanism is often unraveled. 。 This content was published in an international academic journal Journal of Digital Life (published on July 29, 2022) 5). See the paper for details such as other results and test methods.

This result is a research in healthy adult men. It is important to eat meals and snacks, not just ramune, taking into account the balance of nutrition. Please be careful, especially if you are concerned about blood sugar levels. Morinaga Seika will continue to work on research on ramune and grape sugar.

■ Reference literature 1) Hiroyuki Inagaki and others. (2020). Improvement of Working Memory and Caution by taking grapes in healthy adults-Randomization double-blossomed plasbo control crossover comparison test-. Pharmaceuticals and treatment, 48 (4), 599-609. 2) Heinrich, H., GevenSleben, H., & Strehl, U. (2007). Annotation: Neurofeedback-Train Your Brain to Train Behavior. 3) Lee, Y. Y. & HSIEH, S. (2014). Classifying Different Emotional States by Means of EEG-Based Functional ConnectorNs. PLOS ONE, 9 (4), E95415. 4) CHEN, J. (2007). Flow in Games (And Everything Else). Communications of the ACM, 50 (4), 31-34. 5) Furukado, R., Hagiwara, G., & Inagaki, H. (2022). Effects of glucose Ramune candy ingestion on concentration during esports play and cognitive function. Journal of Digital Life, 2, 1-9.


■ Research Overview [Implementation time] Fall 2021 [Target] 20 healthy adult men (20 final analysis targets) [Test food] Mizu-containing crystal grapes 90%containing ramune tablets 29g [Contrast food] Tablet confectionery 29g of grape sugar replaced with erythritol [Test period] Single intake [Test method] Randomization Plasebo contrast double-blind crossover comparison test [Test item] Cognitive function test by trail making test, brain wave data measurement


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