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Bundesliga: The choose FC Bayern, BVB, FC Schalke 04 and also Co .

FC Bayern has actually remained without a win in the Bundesliga. At Union Berlin, the document champ did not get beyond a draw. FC Schalke 04 and also VfB Stuttgart likewise separated attracts. Currently on Friday, Borussia Dortmund won in the residence game against 1899 Hoffenheim. The elect matchday 5:

Eintracht Frankfurt-RB Leipzig-4: 0

Domenico Tedesco (coach RB Leipzig): That was lost today. We completely missed the essentials, were not on the join in the initial round. We were zero-aggressive. We lost the rounds so rapidly. We were underground chamber, a catastrophe. If you play 3 systems and absolutely nothing changes, it is as a result of the mindset.

Oliver Glasner (coach Eintracht Frankfurt): Praises to the group! It was a great performance, especially defensive. We were broad awake. It is a definitely been worthy of success. The young boys were really disciplined, every one of them are in the Protective one hundred percent. It was a very great evening for us.

VfL Bochum-Werder Bremen-0: 2

Ole Werner (coach Werder Bremen): It was an extremely turbulent game with the better end for us. Bochum had in the lead The second half even more of the game than we do, we didn't get right into our game, but after that we are fortunate that you need.

Thomas Reis (coach VfL Bochum): It is extremely, very bitter once more. I saw a team that fought sacrificially, was large awake from the initial min. We also have it correctly in the second fifty percent Made. After that you rack up an objective that is withdrawed due to handball is extremely bothersome. We are back without factors. Currently it goes on, it will not be very easy to establish up the players. We need to see that we are fortunate exercise.

VfB Stuttgart-Schalke 04-0: 0

Niko Kovac (coach VfL Wolfsburg): We started well, yet made life tough again. We make way too many errors that are penalized in the Bundesliga. We need to stay calm and look in advance.

VfL Wolfsburg-1. FC Köln-2: 4


Frank Kramer (coach Schalke 04): The shortage was a little bit regrettable, through a private blunder that should not happen. Then my group revealed an excellent reaction and an extremely dedicated efficiency. can do more the good last scenarios. We showed a good face and also closed ourselves, presented as a system. We are delighted about the point.

Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart): It was a decent first phase, not an advantage. And it was surpassed. Everything else was not adequate, the most awful game of this period. We had an exceptionally a great deal of unnecessary ball losses, Were not spicy, not lively, the timing was always wrong, there was a particular uneasyness. The offensive game was not taking area after the goal. We really did not play football anymore, you desperate a game.

Steffen Baumgart (coach 1. FC Köln): We are really satisfied with the efficiency and the result.

Union Berlin-FC Bayern Munich-1: 1

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich): Regarding the result is worried, that's all right. It is not undeserved for both groups, we have to be pleased with the 1-1 we had it until now.

Urs Fischer (Fitness Instructor Union Berlin): The group made an excellent game and did not deal with undeservedly a point. Bavaria was definitely closer to the victory. We never ever became passive, always tried to antagonize the round. The chains worked really, effectively together.

Bayer Leverkusen-SC Freiburg-2: 3

Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): First came the injury to Roland Sallai, that was a little bit of a shock, after that the objective comes. We weren't ballproof sufficient, didn't get right into the spaces well. Assist us Two mistakes from Leverkusen that we take the lead with two common goals.

Gerardo Seoane (coach Bayer Leverkusen): A bothersome defeat for us. In the changing game we were always good that one or the various other goal would have been possible. We lose the game, Because we do not protect two to three circumstances with the clearness like in the initial fifty percent.

Borussia Dortmund-TSG Hoffenheim-1: 0

Edin Terzic (coach Borussia Dortmund): Particularly in the first half we made an impressive game, practically no chance of scoring. We safeguarded the no, however we would certainly additionally such as to score a second goal.

Ole Werner (coach Werder Bremen): It was an extremely unstable game with the better end for us. Pellegrino Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart): It was a good initial phase, not a good thing. Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): The team made a wonderful game and did not deal with undeservedly a point. Christian Streich (coach SC Freiburg): First came the injury to Roland Sallai, that was a little bit of a shock, after that the objective comes. Edin Terzic (coach Borussia Dortmund): Particularly in the initial half we made a superior game, virtually no opportunity of scoring.

Andre Breitenreiter (coach TSG Hoffenheim): We played as well passively for 60 mins, much too imprecise. The end would certainly not have actually been should have, Dortmund is the been entitled to winner today.


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