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Diablo 4, CBT, which released end content, will be released.

Diablo 4, which was announced in 2023. Before the official launch, a beta test will be held to experience the core end content of the game before the official launch. The public test is expected to be conducted early next year.

Blizzard announced on the 19th, Diablo 4's closed end game beta. This beta is the first chance to provide Diablo 4's content for general players. As a result, some game elements and experiences provided to some of them have been experienced around beta users.


Like the end game beta, this test focused on Diablo 4's end game content. The beta test deals with the sanctuary exploration after the campaign, and Blizzard hopes to confirm the story related to the return of Limit.

There was also a brief introduction to the end game content that will be applied to the beta test. The contents introduced are hell waves, nightmare dungeons, whisper of the deceased, the battlefield of hatred, and the conqueror board.

** Hell Wave, which can be found in various places of Song Station, is a kind of regional unit event where only heroes who have reached the difficulty of nightmares can experience. The devils here have more power, but they drop high loot accordingly. In addition, you can get an infinite with a certain chance, which is used to open the hell waves with a kind of money. The chest contains loot that can only be worn in certain items such as torso, legs, and two-handed weapons. In addition, the Lingual Bull should be paid more attention to the powerful heads and enemy attacks after acquisition as it falls when it falls during the battle.

Nightmare Dungeon is a nightmare difficulty dungeon that is unlocked the moment the nightmare seal is first found. The seal is connected to a specific dungeon in the sanctuary, and also adds special attributes to the dungeon. As a result, the enemy's power in the dungeon increases and the loot level is raised. When you complete the nightmare dungeon, you can find a stronger seal and add more difficulty and difficulty.

Whisper in various places in the sanctuary presents the corresponding goal. The eerie blessings from whispering and clearing are different, and you can collect 10 pieces and take them to a whispering tree to exchange them with loot and experience. ** This content, called the whisper of the dead, can be played after a certain quest, but can be played from the beginning in private beta.

The battlefield of hatred is a designated PVP area. While on the battlefield of the hatred, the player can kill the devils and get the seeds of hatred. If you take this seed to the altar of extraction and grind it, you can make it red powder, which can be exchanged for PVP decorating items and appearance items without losing it. However, the seeds of unclean hatred will drop if they are defeated by other players. The seeds of hatred obtained by this should be kept from other players and then turned into red powder.

After level 50, the end game character growth system conqueror board will be held. If the hero gains experience, the conqueror's point will accumulate and this point can release new tiles, home and additional conqueror boards. **As it has been released through the quarterly update last year, the conqueror board can grow the hero in the desired direction and give more powerful power. The name of the content released on this day can be changed later in the official version.

Meanwhile, Road Ferguson Diablo franchise and Joe Shelley director, who delivered greetings through the video, introduced the beta contents briefly.

The private beta is centered on some invited players. This is because the beta proceeds to maintain confidentiality.

The beta user invitation is based on Diablo player, which uses Blizzard's gameplay data to play Diablo 2: Liable 3's end game content for a long time. In addition, by October 12, the website or the launcher must turn on the news and special discount information options to receive the invitation information.

The player selected as the end game beta participant will receive an invitation from [email protected] until November 19.

This beta can be played on consoles such as PCs and Xbox Series X | s, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4, and also supports cross play and progress data on all platforms. In addition, as it is a private test, the detailed schedule has not been released, but Blizzard added that it will be conducted early next year.


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