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Upbeat Lee Seok -woo, CEO of 'We Mix Roam'

The 'shocking photo', which Remade Gang Hyung mentioned at the meeting on the 25th, was confirmed. Upbeat Lee Seok-woo shared an article on the abolition of the listing of 'Mix' on his personal SNS and referred to as I. Representative Gang Hyung said, I received a shocking picture with the shocking news of last night. One of the upbeat executives boasted while posting an article on the Lymph Mix leaked on Instagram. Is it something to be proud of it on another? Upbeat Lee Seok-woo shared an article on the decision to abolish the listing of the listing of the listing on the personal SNS on the afternoon of the 24th. Private writing is an ancient word that means that whatever happens, it will eventually go back to the right reason. Gang Hyung said, This situation is a matter of affected companies and investors. He also stressed the Upbeat's Super Summer. Upbeat operators Doug's side said, The end of the Super Mix Trading Support is not a matter that has bee

Know -how to Up the possibility of successful game development

Topic: Game development strategy that increases the possibility of success Lecturer: Jae-young Choirboy Game Studio CEO Field: Game development, management Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 12:50 Summary: The team building and team operating strategy for game development and project success were comfortably unveiled based on CEO Choir Jae-young, based on CEO Choir Jae-young. ■ Goal and direction of Big Game Studio Choir Jae-young is a lecture related to success, but she started a lecture, saying that she failed too much to say success. It is said that it has failed so much that it may be an icon of failure, and the story of how to achieve the success of experiencing and gaining experience is the key topic of this lecture. The goal of the big game studio was clear. The world's best animated RPG developer. That's the goal of the big game studio. And the direction that the company pursues is to catch two rabbits, and the fun of the game, the fun of the game. It

[Interview] Katsuhiro, Hara, Tekken is my life lifework

Japan's fighting game 'Taken' is an arcade game in 1994. As it was an old series, numerous Taken titles were released, and in September, it became a hot topic in seven years. Among these many Taken series, Taken 3 is one of the best works of the title and now the center of the series. In addition to the transplantation of the home console device PS1, a lot of new systems, such as horizontal movements, counterattack, and prejudice, have been added. This is the time that Game Developer Hard Mutsuhito has joined the Taken Development Team, and has led the heyday of Taken by playing the role of the development team after successful results as a director. I have retired from the main developer now, but it is still a big influence on the fighting game world. How did Katssuhiro Hara started developing fighting games and have come to mind as a game developer? I visited Korea at G-Star 2022 to ask Mutsuhito to develop games and the future of fighting games. ■ Game development an

High Squad makes a close -up battle royale that is not afraid of death.

The hi-sewed Square, which Net marble exhibited at G-Star 2022, quickly crossed the complex building forest and competed with the enemies in a fast battle. It is also possible for three teams, but it is a battle royale genre that supports the one-person mode except the player. There is a base system that can resurrect allies, but there were some opinions that death (time to kill) is as fast as the existence of the resurrection. Net marble Into Park Rangoon, who is developing a high-sized squad, said, Because it is a close-up battle, it is not contributed to the battle, but it is designed to enable more organic team play through resurrection. In the case of the game, it is more focused on solo battles than team play, but the high-cal is designed to prioritize team play. In addition, the flow of the development is fast, so it will be difficult to insist on the so-called hyena play, which is hiding and aiming for fishermen. However, it is important to increase the prior understandin

MOU signed for joint game development with Dragonfly, Fun Crew

Dragonfly (030350) and Japanese game service company Unscrew will meet for joint development. Dragonfly announced on the 10th that it has signed an YOU with Fun Crew. The agreement aims to work partnerships on joint game development projects between the two companies. In order to promote the project, we will work hard to cooperate with mutual support for attractive content IP, planning, development, and service. Dragonfly has developed the world's first online-based FPS game with 'Special Force'. Currently, it exports special force to more than 30 countries and has more than 100 million members worldwide. 'FPS Myeongga' Dragon Fly is expanding its business area by developing blockchain and digital therapies using games as a new food. Fun Crew is a game development and publishing company that is growing to establish various projects with leading companies in Japan. Nakamoto Loki is a representative producer of the famous Japanese developer Derange, and Derange is

Mgame, mobile strategy 'Lua' official launch

[ Park Yeo-jin] Game (CEO Won Leeching) announced on the day that the real-time hybrid strategy simulation game (SLG) 'LE ROI' was officially released in Google, Apple and One Store App Market. Lua is a hybrid mobile game that combines a three-match puzzle combat system in the SLG genre that develops his estate, creates a legion, builds a strategy, and grows into the strongest monarch through clan wars and server games. Due to the nature of the SLG genre, the territory can be expanded by harvesting and producing resources, deploying troops, raising training, and battles of monsters. Through the core content, 'Recapture', you can become the king's king clan to transfer other lords or to speed up permanent land development. In the official launch, you can check all the Chinese service version content launched in July. In Korea, the company plans to expand more than 100 heroes through monthly updates, and will showcase 'Clan War' and 'Server' as soon

There would be a contemplated Indiana Jones for Disney Plus

The Disney Plus platform has been quite active in recent months, with series that have caught the public's attention, the clearest examples are She-Hulk, Star Wars: Ardor, among others. And while it would be thought that there will be some kind of rest, apparently not, since now a television program based on Indiana Jones would be a reality. The Mouse House and Lucasfilm have been raising the possibility of making the series in general meetings with writers of recent times. They are still looking for this position to assume the project, so there are no details of the plot available. It is unknown if it will serve as a prequel or a spin-off or if it is going to link after the last installment. The idea to develop an Indiana Jones program occurs when Harrison Ford has declared that he has finished playing the character after the fifth film, which will be released in 2023 . In addition, the sources say that Disney is currently exploring a series of options to maintain t

Game Committee, Blue Archive Youth Unused Rating Confirmation

Blue Archive's age rating, which was discussed in this year's national audit, was confirmed. Since then, the game will be serviced as a youth version (hereinafter referred to as the teen version) that reflects the current version and the modified contents. On October 4, Blue Archive's age rating adjusted on October 4, and Kim Yong-ha's official community guided the relevant contents. At the time, Kim Yong-ha said in September that it was recommended to revise the contents or to raise age rating from the Game Water Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Game Committee), and to divide the game into the original version and the teen version. Since then, more than 14,600 complaints have been received for the Blue Archive, and Kim Kyushu also said that Kim Kyushu's complaints were in a week. And on the 7th, the result of ex officio reclassification (re-classifying age grade in the game) was announced on the official website of the Game Committee. The

Worlds 2022: The detail of the DRX Berryl skin that was part of the Lol Feliz community

After an exciting final and considered by many to be the best at history and rightly-the DRX was crowned League of Legends world champion in 2022 with a trajectory worthy of applause. Deft was able to eak a curse that seemed impossible to overcome, while other players like Posit went from Mono Champions to champions in an international tournament. In addition, all team members beat Worlds for the first time except CHO Berry Geosphere. The DRX support was once world champion with Damon in 2020 and, as tradition, won a personalized skin for winning the tournament. He chose the champion Leona to carry his signature , but this time Ashe was chosen. However, this year will be much more special about the first choice, as Pro Player will realize a dream that many of LOL players would like , which is inging a character from the Hoovers gaming universe to Riot Games MOB. Berry creates the most anticipated crossover of the moment It is well known that Berry is a fan obsessed with geish

Worlds 2022: the reason why the blue side was so decisive throughout the LOL World Cup

In almost every League of Legends goals, there is usually one side of the most interesting map than the other. In most of them, the blue side dominates a little , as it has the chance to choose the strongest available champion. The goal is considered interesting when the dominant characters have clear counters, allowing the red side to be viable from the point of view to take a counter . MOB is considered balanced if the blue side is between 50 and 51% victory rate, sometimes 49% is also considered balanced. There were some goals in which the red side was favored, but not necessarily more interesting . In the worlds where this happened the blue side ended with 52.5% of wins, which is enough to consider him op for the criteria of Riot Games. Why is the blue side OP? If the blue side was so strong during these Worlds editions is largely due to Yuri . The magic cat has managed to rot the competitive scenario thanks to its connection mechanism, which makes it difficult to give C

Erzgebirge Aue intends to go versus Viktoria Köln own way

Erzgebirge AUE, who had actually gone into the game as the bottom of the table, won a 1-1 draw versus the leaders from Elvers berg last weekend. The violets wish to construct on this performance on the coming match day and satisfy a group that was also able to make sure a surprise: Viktoria Cologne beat Ingolstadt 3-1 as well as raised the lead on the relegation zone with the 3. very own method against playfully solid Fragrance AUE acting train Carsten Müller sees the toughness at Viktoria in the collective: This is a group that also offered the challenger with difficulties in the games that she did not win. The ranks, said Müller at journalism meeting. The 51-year-old has been mentoring the FCE considering that September 20 and also has found fantastic enjoyable at job as head coach of the specialists over the past couple of months. Müller might additionally envision a return to the Aachen junior efficiency facility, in which he functioned as a head before the work of the transit

Diablo 4: Several sources validate the release date

A main confirmation on the part of Activision Blizzard or Blizzard Amusement is still pending, but might follow in a couple of weeks. Naturally, constantly assumed that the sources of Windows Central are proper. Nevertheless, after just a publication has been spoken of from the official side in the coming year, the final launch day of the activity role-playing game could currently be dripped with. As the editors of the Xbox Era podcast would certainly have experienced, Diablo 4 will certainly be readily available from April 23, 2023. A visit that several sources aware of the situation also validated to Windows Central. Also, if the responsible persons of Blizzard Enjoyment spoke in information about Diablo 4 in the past couple of weeks, a concrete release day is still long in coming. Unveiling of the release date as part of The Video game Honors 2022? As these proceed, the programmers of Blizzard Home entertainment will certainly exist on The Game Honors 2022, which will certainly

How to unlock fishing in Harvestella, fishing points and tips

Fishing is an integral part of any agricultural simulator such as Harvested. You will spend time, catching fish to use it in various culinary recipes or selling it for money. How to unlock fishing in Harvested location of fishing points in Harvested Tips for fishing that you need to know However, the ability to fishing should first be unlocked in Harvested. The next leadership will tell you how, and also celebrate all the points of fishing in the game. How to unlock fishing in Harvested You need to go to department store in the summer to buy Knowledge about fishing for 800 grills. This will unlock the possibility of fishing in the game. However, note that the universal store is not open all the time. It works from 8:00 to 20:00, so make sure that at this time you have the opportunity to fish. location of fishing points in Harvested As soon as you unlock the ability to fishing, it's time to go to the places of fishing that are scattered throughout the map in the game. Place