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High Squad makes a close -up battle royale that is not afraid of death.


The hi-sewed Square, which Net marble exhibited at G-Star 2022, quickly crossed the complex building forest and competed with the enemies in a fast battle. It is also possible for three teams, but it is a battle royale genre that supports the one-person mode except the player. There is a base system that can resurrect allies, but there were some opinions that death (time to kill) is as fast as the existence of the resurrection.

Net marble Into Park Rangoon, who is developing a high-sized squad, said, Because it is a close-up battle, it is not contributed to the battle, but it is designed to enable more organic team play through resurrection. In the case of the game, it is more focused on solo battles than team play, but the high-cal is designed to prioritize team play. In addition, the flow of the development is fast, so it will be difficult to insist on the so-called hyena play, which is hiding and aiming for fishermen.

However, it is important to increase the prior understanding of the base, which is the core of the resurrection. In fact, the demonstration booth did not recognize how to use the base and could not use it properly. Park Rangoon, a development PD, explained, In the final test scheduled for December, we plan to increase the recognition of the resurrection by improving the tutorial by improving the tutorial by enabling various buff effects such as improving the overall physical strength when occupying the base. In addition, in the case of the resurrection waiting time, the balance is adjusted so that the opponent is not overly disadvantageous while taking advantage of the purpose of strengthening the team play.

As I mentioned earlier, the huge squad is a game that emphasizes team play, so 13 kinds of weapons with different strengths appear. The characteristics of each weapon were certain, but they still seemed to have a somewhat lacking hit and hit. Park Rangoon said, We are improving the sense of blow and attack within the direction that users move as freely as possible. In order to give a clear pleasure in the event of success, the sound is improved, and the afterimage effect, the camera shaking, and the skill camera are also being modified. Even when he was attacked, he fixed the effect to recognize it. In addition, tutorials and training grounds will be supplemented to practice each weapon.

The High Square will take the last test in December, and will start with the Steam and Epic Games Store in the first quarter of next year. After trying earlier, we will continue to show new weapons, and add new modes, not Battle Royale, like the 5-5 confrontation touchdown. In particular, PD Park Rangoon said, The high-sukquarters aims to provide a variety of fun using elements such as battles and bases. At the time of its launch, we are focusing on familiar Battle Royale, but we will continue to add various modes of high Squads.


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