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[Interview] Katsuhiro, Hara, Tekken is my life lifework

Japan's fighting game 'Taken' is an arcade game in 1994. As it was an old series, numerous Taken titles were released, and in September, it became a hot topic in seven years.

Among these many Taken series, Taken 3 is one of the best works of the title and now the center of the series. In addition to the transplantation of the home console device PS1, a lot of new systems, such as horizontal movements, counterattack, and prejudice, have been added.

This is the time that Game Developer Hard Mutsuhito has joined the Taken Development Team, and has led the heyday of Taken by playing the role of the development team after successful results as a director. I have retired from the main developer now, but it is still a big influence on the fighting game world.

How did Katssuhiro Hara started developing fighting games and have come to mind as a game developer? I visited Korea at G-Star 2022 to ask Mutsuhito to develop games and the future of fighting games.

■ Game development and affection are important Q. Before I became a developer, I heard that I was a game clerk. I think it's a very special history, but I wonder what you thought at the time and what you wanted to walk in the way of developers in earnest.

To be precise, in the times I attended, even if I joined Banzai NAMC, I had to start as a member of the game room for three months. However, I was in business because I joined the company.

At the beginning of the company, I focused on raising household sales. The game room, which was in charge of the four-month job, received the presidential award by changing the number one sales in Tokyo and the household sales. And then I told my boss that I wanted to go to the development team.

At first, I didn't want to develop it in earnest. However, after joining the company, when I asked the senior developer, Why did you make it like this, I heard, I just wanted to make it like this, and I was thinking about why I made it. In the end, I thought I would be able to do it well, so I tried to develop it once.

Q. What is your current philosophy as a developer?

= I don't want to say great words to be a philosophy, but I have my own policy. In fact, in the game industry, there are a lot of people who don't like to make games or don't like games to make money. However, if affection does not spring up, the quality of making games can be lowered in general.

The reason I didn't make a puzzle game is that I don't like the puzzle game, so I think I need to be affectionate in the process of creating the game.

Among the Korean creators, I really liked it and I wanted to make it like this. I feel like I wanted to do what I really want to do with my affection, but I think that affection is really important.


Q. I've been a developer for a long time, so I think you'll see the game. What do you think is the definition of a well-made game or a good game?

= I think it's a very difficult story to answer, but I don't think that the viewpoint or time itself is a huge difference. However, I think there will be a difference that can be done in what points and words.

As for the definition of a well-made game, I think that there is no game that cannot be cleared as it used to be, and most of the games are equipped upward.

However, as the game industry has grown so much, gamers have increased the number of choices, so the difference in sales volume has begun to make a game that suits you. In fact, the importance of publishers and marketing has increased.

There are a lot of games that are very good and fun among indie games, for example, for example, because the game is not known, but it is not so well-made, but it is so famous that the sales volume is high. In such cases, I think that the essential fun and build of the game is very upright and how to get the presence or choice of the game.

Q. How do you usually have a hobby? In addition, I wonder where and how the inspiration for game development is obtained.

= There was a hobby of assembling a computer before the child was created. I made it myself with water cooling. However, after a child, there was a hobby of making school preparations for children or making cosplay costumes. This year, I made a cosplay costume to commemorate Halloween.

I also made knitting and sewing myself, but if you focus on it, you will look back on the old work. The new ideas don't come to mind, but it seems to be helpful to organize your thoughts.

In fact, it would be more like a hobby to challenge what we haven't done rather than a hobby. If you think about the game similar, you've done what you've never done, and if you go well, it's another flow.

Q. What are the most painful fingers among them and have been developing a lot of games so far? If you can change one when you go back to that time, I wonder what you want to change.

= Taken 4 comes to mind with the most painful finger. It was a good job, but the user's opinion was divided to the bad side. I don't think it was the direction the fans wanted.

After the success of Taken 3 and Tag 1, I felt that it was important to hear the opinions of the user at the time, and I couldn't tell the idea.

And I worked on improving the bad things that gathered like this, but I was so concentrated here that I felt like I lost something good. At the time, however, the development team was young and the way to interpret the opinions of the user was immature. As a result, Taken 4 is the most disappointing.

Q. It was a big topic when the news that I was in charge of the development of summer lessons. It was even more amazing that the game was really different from the usual game. Do you want to try a similar challenge again?

= Of course. There are some things that are challenging because I want to try it separately. However, there are things that are inspired when new technologies come out. For example, when I changed Taken from 2 to Polygon, I felt that the game industry had improved, but I think there are some parts.

■ Taken is a natural thing that is inseparable from my life Q. In Korea, the developer of Mutsuhito Hara is called as a pronoun of Taken enough to think of Taken. What does the Taken series mean to Mutsuhito Hard?

= Taken series is a lifework for me. I would like to say that it's a natural thing in life rather than work.

Q. If so, what is your favorite character and why? I wonder how many grades you went up to.

= It's hard to pick any of the many characters, but I like Karachi. Naturally, young friends can't win nowadays, but until the previous Taken 5 came out, it was the best among the developers of Banzai NAMC. In addition to the Taken Team, it was the first place in the whole company.

Q. Then, who would win when the Hard Sang and the current professional fighting gamer 'knee' in the heyday fight.

= Of course the knee player wins. But if you drink a lot of malleoli the day before and wake up at 5 am the next day, you might be able to win, but it's probably difficult.

Q. What do you think is the condition of a good fighting game as a fighting game developer? What kind of effort should I do to make a good fighting game?

= It seems to be a really difficult question. But in fact, if there was an answer to the question, the soul-caliber who participated in the development should have been a series that sold as much as Taken.

In terms of sales volume, for example, in the world, the Street Fight Series, Mortal Combat, and Taken are all sold well, especially Taken will be sold soon. But if you look at other fighting games, there's nothing in the middle of sales. If you say it's not fun to go to the extreme, not the staircase format, it's never the same.

If so, it is important to create an impressive character when you ask what is the difference.

Q. What do you think about famous fighting games such as Series Fighter series and King of Fighters series? I wonder what a system that thinks is good in these games.

= I play a lot of other fighting games, but I think that rival games will be sold well when developing other genres as well as fighting games. It can be said that a kind of pie grows. For example, if the taken goes well, people who like fighting games


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