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Know -how to Up the possibility of successful game development

  • Topic: Game development strategy that increases the possibility of success

  • Lecturer: Jae-young Choirboy Game Studio CEO

  • Field: Game development, management

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 12:50

  • Summary: The team building and team operating strategy for game development and project success were comfortably unveiled based on CEO Choir Jae-young, based on CEO Choir Jae-young.

■ Goal and direction of Big Game Studio

Choir Jae-young is a lecture related to success, but she started a lecture, saying that she failed too much to say success. It is said that it has failed so much that it may be an icon of failure, and the story of how to achieve the success of experiencing and gaining experience is the key topic of this lecture.

The goal of the big game studio was clear. The world's best animated RPG developer. That's the goal of the big game studio. And the direction that the company pursues is to catch two rabbits, and the fun of the game, the fun of the game.

It was so confusing that we were making every animation-like directing and Cont. In order to achieve the goal, they stepped on the stage based on team buildings, team operations, and product verification.

What I want. Success, motivation

It is not easy for motivation to occur unless I want to match what I want. If you are not motivated to develop, it is difficult to complete the race to the end. If you try to encompass too many things in the value of the success to be defined, it will cause a value conflict, and it is important to set it quickly and clearly.

In the case of Big Game Studio, it was simple. It's a game, but I wanted to convey the same emotions and emotions like animation through the game.

But this can't get everything. You can't secure the exposure or BM of the product while gaining emotion and emotion. If we overlap with the peak of emotions at the time of exposing the product, we must remove the product exposure according to the direction we pursue. It will be a very clear criterion for long-term projects, what we want, what is the definition of success we think.

Of course, this depends on where you focus. Someone can think of money first, and if so, it's also a good idea to match the direction to the product exposure or to choose a linear BM. However, our focus was that emotion and emotion were the points. We like Japanese anime, and the user who prefers animated RPGs is the target base, but it is competitive to convey the same emotions and experiences as the animation.

■ How to reduce minimal verification, risk

It is essential to check that the product we defined is a satisfactory product in the market. It is not perfect, but considering the development cost and the increase in marketing costs, the minimum verification is a necessity, not a choice.

In the book of the Law of Ideas, the law shows how to quickly verify ideas before large investments occur. For example, suppose you want to make a machine that automatically organizes your clothes. This is a very burdensome thing to make a machine and test it yourself.

Therefore, after installing the machine, the test cost was minimized by minimizing the cost of the test through the method of organizing the person directly. The result was a failure. If you had developed and tested a machine, not this process, you would have caused great damage and risk. The idea of how to verify quickly is also important.

Big Game Studio has secured a target user base and launched the first FGT. The test was conducted through the minimum manpower and the minimum period (15 people 3 months) and scored through honest and clear standards.

■ The important thing is what Team Building, what talent should we do with

What projects that can never be missed are with 'who'. How do you secure the core personnel and the personnel to make a product? It is the most important and difficult stage.

In general, team buildings that can produce products are the most important points that increase the chance of success. However, there are many examples of projects in the industry, which is more than expected in the industry, which is more 'previous projects, or a replacement of existing projects, and suddenly starts as the market trend changes.'

The core personnel talk about this with both skills and humanity. In addition to simple abilities, skills include speed. No matter how good you are, you may not be able to speed up if you do not speed up.

And it must be the right person for the project. For example, if you ask 100 elementary school students and 100 hours vs engineering students to choose from one hour for the derivative formula, will everyone choose the latter?

The speed is as important as the ability, and if the speed does not come out, there is no opportunity to come out. In the end, the ability to be able to predict some time can be predicted. Game is not as honest and clear as brick stacking. The factor of fun is subjective, so it is necessary to gather various opinions, and then objectively changes.

Many talented people often make things easier and proceed like nothing. This can focus more on the quality of the product, and the team's atmosphere is improved. Personal experiences show that skills are more than just ability.

No matter how good you are, if you lack personality, you will work uncomfortable. This often leads to the lack of communication, which causes the quality of the product and lower competitiveness. It means bringing inefficiency to the entire team.

Those who have a lot of trouble say: I want to recruit a decent manpower in order to raise the lack of quality, but this manpower is not easy to meet the requirements and conditions at the company. Then we are interested in investing, but it is not easy to invest because the quality is low. It's a vicious cycle.

Nevertheless, for success, a virtuous cycle must be created. How do you persuade good personnel to be the first condition? Vision and partner-like treatment are needed.

And the important thing is the problem recognition. You need to choose actions that fit your purpose. In the past, when I was unemployed, my wife was dissatisfied that I couldn't make money. I helped the chores to get off the fire, but the fundamental problem is not solved.

Let's take one example. Sushi at a mart, the price was expensive, and the sales volume was not high. Through the internal ideas, there was an opinion that the expiration date was sold at a reasonable price, and it was a good idea inside. But the result was a failure. The fresh sushi, no matter how cheap, did not try to eat.

The important thing is to verify in the market. You can intuitively see if we are moving in the right direction. Black Clover Mobile has launched FGT in the domestic and global markets. I repeated this and accepted feedback, and I actually found a lot of different things from my thoughts.

Thinking alone cannot decide which idea is 'guy'.

The same is true even if you think deeply. I can't decide through the thoughts and opinions of others other than me. At best, it is found that our predictions were sometimes right, and even most of them are 'luck'. 'The guy' must be found in the actual world through experiments.

■ Q&A Q. In the distant future, it is a dream to build an indie game company with friends and put the value we want to make socially in the game so that many users play. I wonder how we overcome the funding when we did not have the difficulty of funding, investment attraction, and the quality we wanted.

I mentioned earlier as an icon of failure, this is the fourth time. In short, there is a willingness to be ruined three times and will not be ruined this time. If you think that your colleagues can continue to be together, and you think it's not, it's likely that you will not be able to achieve your performance.

Investment is honestly no way. You have to do it somehow. There is a considering that it is success, but success is not common. If you look at the reason, you have to have different strengths from others.

If you want to go to Seoul National University, you know how to die. Nevertheless, there are various reasons. So success is difficult. If the definition of success is enjoyed with friends, and if that's the case, there is a way to get a little less threshold funds that the government suggests.

Q. He is the head of the indie game team. It has been developing for three years, and one of the core personnel is a lecture that has been troubled. After all, aren't you difficult to know if you don't work together?

I personally think there is a solution. I think people do not change easily. Furthermore, I might not have led people well because of my lack of personality, but I think it's the right answer to talk about it and break up with each other. The important thing is to break up well.

Q. There are many cases where the disagreement between employees is not narrowed before the deadline.

If I don't narrow each other, I actually do my way (laughs). But the next is important. Sincerely, you have to verify a lot. The only way to call the people who have criticized in the FGT are to test it and repeat it. In the internal meeting, there are times when there is a conflict of opinion that each of them is right. The most accurate thing is the verification in the market.

Q. When you set up a team, you have told you about your vision and partner to bring your core personnel. But can you tell me more about treatment as a partner?

We all know. When I came to the team leader, would you like to work? Partner-like treatment should be able to tell a sincere story with that person. What role you are in our company


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