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A Heartbreaking Look Back At Joel and Ellie's Journey – The Last of Us Recap With Spoilers

As they lay down to sleep, Ellie reads another joke to Joel who correctly thinks the punchline, much to her dismay. After Ellie falls asleep, Joel gets out of his sleeping bag and spends the night viewing over Ellie with a crammed rifle. The next early morning, Ellie offers instructions by means of a map and begins questioning Joel about his bro, Tommy. Joel discusses how Tommy is a veteran and convinced him to join a group to go up to Boston. Once they were there, Marlene persuaded Tommy to sign up with the Fireflies, believing he might save the world. He ultimately moved west, quit the Fireflies, and now Joel feels obligated to go get him and save him from being all on his own. Ellie asks why he keeps going on and Joel notes that household is the driving element, however Ellie is simply cargo to him.

Spoiler Warning: This short article will contain significant spoilers for HBO's The Last of the United States and Naughty Pet dog's The Last of Us video game from 2013.

A few hours later, the 2 hit an obstruction on the highway simply outside Kansas City. Not wishing to lose whenever, Joel decides to cut through the city where they quickly get lost and find a QC has actually been ruined. A hurt male stumbles out in front of their truck and begs for aid, but Joel rapidly understands it Knocks and's a trap on the gas pedal. A spike strip pops the truck's tires and a cinder block damages the windshield, causing them to crash into a laundromat where they get pinned down by armed men.

After taking the truck from Costs and Frank's, Joel and Ellie stop at a deserted rest stop. Ellie sits in the bathroom and silently fiddles with Frank's weapon, unbeknownst to Joel. She practices intending at herself in the mirror, discharging the gun and loading, and so on. Outside, Joel siphons gas from deserted vehicles while Ellie checks out puns from a joke book, much to Joel's inconvenience. The 2 struck the road once again, going through numerous states that are totally desolate. After a long day of taking a trip, they park the truck in the woods and take pleasure in a 20-year-old can of Chef Boarded. Ellie asks Joel to light a fire, however he rejects the demand and cautions her of people who would wish to do a lot more than simply rob them for their truck and belongings.

He sits on the ground, bleeding out, pleading for mercy from Ellie. Joel takes Frank's weapon from her and steals a knife from the guy on the ground. He commands Ellie to return into the other space. She requires, quietly crying to herself while hearing Joel stab the man to death. The duo go out to the streets as trucks and men with assault rifles swarm the city.

Kansas City

Ellie and Joel rush out of the truck as shooting illuminate the laundromat. Ellie's in a state of panic, however Joel gets her to focus up and tells her to crawl across the mayhem and squeeze through a hole in the wall while he sets covering fire. Ellie rapidly makes her way throughout while Joel fires the rifle at the men beyond the laundry mat, enabling Ellie the opportunity to get to safety. Joel kills all the shooters, however is ambushed by another assailant who can be found in through the back door. The man pins Joel to the ground by burying a shotgun into his throat, prompting Ellie to leave the room with Frank's weapon. She shoots the attacker, who seems simply a young person.

Not Fireflies, Not FEDORA, Simply Individuals

This army begins kicking down doors as Joel and Ellie conceal out in a deserted building, waiting for a chance to move. Joel shows on the fight in the laundromat, feeling truly guilty of Ellie having to shoot somebody. The two prepare to leave and Ellie slips the gun into her coat pocket, regardless of Joel instructing her to put it in her knapsack.

For the first time, Joel attempts to get Ellie to open up about the other time she has needed to utilize a gun, but she rapidly shuts it down. As Joel closes his eyes, Ellie cracks yet another joke, however this time Joel has a fit of laughter. The two drop off to sleep chuckling with each other, but are woken up by a man and a little boy with weapons.

In another part of the city, a soldier named Perry brings Kathleen to an attic that's filled with old food cans and illustrations of two superheroes. Perry then reveals Kathleen a space with a flooring that's caving in and also moving... as if something is about to burst out of the ground.

Somewhere else, a soft-spoken, however unhinged woman called Kathleen interrogates an old guy in search of someone called Henry. The interrogation is disrupted as a truck restores the bodies of the men Joel eliminated. They all speculate that Henry is accountable for the violence, prompting Kathleen to go back to the old male where she shoots him without any hesitation. She commands an army of armored up civilians to spread out around the city to find and eliminate Henry and any collaborators.

As night begins to fall, Ellie and Joel get in an office building with over 40 flooring. The two climb the stairs and Joel reveals to Ellie that he did bad things to survive, including eliminating innocent people, which is how he knew they were about to be ambushed in the truck. The 2 go into among the workplaces and discover a location to rest for the night. In the workplace, Ellie makes a spot to sleep on and Joel sprinkles broken glass on the floor in case anyone attempts to sneak up on them.

Differences Between Video Game and Show


Outdoors, Joel siphons gas from deserted cars while Ellie checks out puns from a joke book, much to Joel's inconvenience. After Ellie falls asleep, Joel gets out of his sleeping bag and spends the night watching over Ellie with a loaded rifle. Ellie asks why he keeps going on and Joel notes that family is the driving factor, however Ellie is just cargo to him.


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The Last of the United States will continue to air every Sunday on HBO at 9PM ET. What did you believe of the fourth episode? Let me understand in the remarks or strike me up on Twitter @Cade_Under. For more Last of United States material, take a look at Cookbook and Entertainment Tonight's brand-new podcast: The Last of Pods. The podcast will consist of breakdowns of each episode, interviews with special visitors from the program, and more. The podcast will release after every episode of the program on Sunday nights.

Ellie rapidly makes her way throughout while Joel fires the rifle at the men outside the laundry mat, enabling Ellie the opportunity to get to safety. As Joel closes his eyes, Ellie cracks yet another joke, however this time Joel has a fit of laughter.

After episode 3 differed the game in such a considerable method, episode 4 is a lot more faithful, though there are a handful of significant modifications. In the video game, Joel and Ellie are required to cut through Pittsburgh instead of Kansas City, leading to the laundromat battle. This is a pretty gameplay-heavy area of the game, so Ellie and Joel are required to fight their way through the city while being chased after by a group called hunters. Kathleen and Perry are not characters seen in the game, so their bigger function stays uncertain at this time even for those who played the video game. Henry and Sam are likewise presented in a slightly different way, as Joel and Ellie climb into an apartment and are attacked by the two brothers. The two groups decide it would be more helpful to collaborate and try and stealth/fight their escape of the city. Things like the joke book, the big laundromat battle, and Joel's dubious history are also included in the video game similarly to the program.


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