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[Yoshida Aiki s Picture Diary] Retro Game Park Become a Case? Bio Like 2D Survival Horror EVIL TONIGHT

When I try to buy a game and play a game, I looked at the character of the character and the game screen with the package, and the character of the game screen looks like a different person... It was often in the Famicom game.

DYA Games Software Software Software Evil Tonight is different at the title illustration, character icon, and the dot character of the game screen is different at different levels!

The title screen is drawn beautiful illustrations by Illustrator Hiroji I love.

Mr. Hiroshi was in charge of the character design of the RPG Yellow Eight that I bought as I was in junior high school, and I was in love with the wonderful illustration. Well, the game content was not very complimented...... and return story.

The character of the game screen is a deformed dot picture, and the character icon is like an animation of the 90 s.

However, since the quality is high for any visual, this is an expression that is expressed so. To get rid of retro game.

The content of this work is a 2D survival horror that is a Biohazard Like 2D survival horror that explores the ruins of the devil s protagonist and solve various gimmics and mystery.

Speaking of 2D Bio, I remember the free game Biohazard. I was scared....

The main character is a devil paid. Find a bigger evil!

The main character Silvia is a modern devil pay.

She has the ability to realize bad things in the psychic spot, and she came to solve the curse of a certain ruin.

Her initial equipment is a knife and a handgun. She needs to be a weapon first to attack the enemy. It is an operation reminiscent of the early Bio series.

A quick avoidance is also possible in the back step.

The ball that emits black light is a malicious source. She seems to do a ritual, and Silvia seems to seek a larger malicious source.

Source of the village in the first place...... What is this?

Find a huge malicious source in the ruins and perform a ceremonial ceremonial.

Love is a sluff, shock, suspense pose Silvia. Is that a ritual....

The ritual and wrapped in red light, and the room that was Boroboro was cleaned up to furniture.

Perhaps I will warp in the world s different dimensions.

The outside of the room has been restored beautifully.

Is this the original figure of this place...... There are something!

Although it is not clear whether it is a ghost or monster, a pink bald that feaves a feather is attacked!

For the time being, take a weapon and take a warning strategy!

The handgun does not shoot infinitely, but it is necessary to pick up and replenish ammunition falling on the map.

I want to leave ammunition and save and try to attack with a knife...

I can t beat it many times...! There is no damage, but the attack power of the knife is too low!

Aim for the damage! safely……

Even if the ammunition was ketten, it was chased with a knife, it was chased and eventually used a hand gun. And I have been scraped quite well....

Sometimes this knife is a self-determination? There are also low attack power, but there are also excellent places.

Since the hit judgment of the attack is large, the attack will arrive even if there is an obstacle with the enemy!

Get attacks from the safety zone!

In the ruins, there are scary enemies, such as the cumshots that are mimicized by the plants and maids that have a kitchen knife.

However, these guys are trying to charge relatively towards Silvia, so it may be hungry and moved to the occasional obstacle.

It is also possible to induce an enemy and make it a boco! If this happens, it s already here!

I was not good at horror, but I was exploring the ruins while being bik, but I saw a horrible enemy s slightly manuka one side and I saw the fear quite a lot.

If it comes out of the area, the enemy can not chase! I thought it was...

There is a hit judgment for a moment that the screen is darkened and moving to the next area......!

Bio Like Mystery Slusting & Gimic!

When I m in the ruins, I found a boy who was attacked by a maid with a knife.

Masaoka is also a ghost of enemy?, but apparently it seems that I got lost in this world while being alive.

A boy who misunderstood that Silvia was an enemy, I said that it was lost, monsters!. Silvia is Buchilli in the word.

If you think......, she winks a joke like a foreign comedy while winking.

Thus, the tone of the character changes and the emotion may become unstable. It may be because the quality of translation is low.

It seems that there are other children who got lost in this world, and the boy shook and left Silvia s rest. A demon that does not listen to say...! Well now. Let s continue the search.

There are various gimmicks and mystery solves in the ruins.

In the search game, the classic fuse-out device will also appear!

Besides, the mystery of the picture puzzle and......

A stablematic solving & gimile match is a little and a little nymaria.

All of them will be a full-fledged gimmick, so an amateur will not be a thing that can be made with a Nori of Sunday. There is no doubt that there are vendors specializing in these gimmicks.

Fictitled mystery solving gimmick specialists will come to mind.

Solve the mystery and get the key, open the locked door, and to solve the mystery again, it s the basic flow of the game.

As you proceed with the search, the boss that is the cause of the curse will also appear...

After all, the tone changes because of the translation, and the emotion looks unstable!

The first time, I played in the first three levels of difficulty and cleared in about 5 hours, and the second lap was able to clear in 3 hours with normal difficulty.

Casuals have fewer enemies, so no ammunition was not exhausted, but when the degree of difficulty goes up, ammunition management is important as the enemy is hardened. I always feel that the enemy that comes out is not annoyed, so always the bullet is cutlet...!

As you say old retro survival horror game, you need to be a weapon to attack the enemy, or there is no map feature in the ruins, and there will be no matter what you are I have. I also had a handwritten with handwriting while feeling inconvenience, and I was enjoying the appearance of no map function. If you can t enjoy such inconvenience as the taste of the game, you may build a little stress.

Horror element is thinner than I thought, so I like the Biohazard game, but I m not good at scary It is recommended for people!

EVIL TONIGHT is being distributed to PC.

Profile of Yoshida Temperature Profile : Mysterious uncle who continues writing picture diary of his own image for more than 20 years. In recent years, we have appeared as a popular cartoon mob character such as Cho-chan s School Road (Kadokawa) and Inari JK Tamamasa (Atsushi Co., Ltd.), Takagami Takagi (Shogakukan), etc. Until now, the animation work has appeared three times. Why he seems to have appeared in the manga so much, and the manga artist who drawn also does not know well Yoshida. Recently, I started a picture diary project that plays Sky Rim with two people, and I started Sky Rim Double-Marker Roll Play Trip. Here is a Twitter for the latest notification of the plan. Yoshida Taiwa individual s Twitter is here.


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